American People are Stupid

February/14/2010 15:02PM
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This is a core belief shared by left-wing, liberal, progressives. Comprised of politicians, attorneys, professors, actors, the media, labor leaders, and third-generation members of the lucky sperm club, these elitists think they have a lock on intellect. The majority have never run anything, invented anything, made a payroll, advanced through the ranks of a company, made a goal, or lived in the real world. But, they believe the rest of us are incapable of living our lives without their wisdom.

President Obama knows we need health care reform in the form of the 4,000 pages of crap in the House and Senate. If you gave him a test he couldn’t score 50% on what’s in those 4,000 pages of crap, but he just knows we need it. Even though his own Democratic majority can’t cram it through, he is sure we poor fools in the public would like it better if he could just explain it to us. Since he can’t understand it himself, his 26 speeches did little to educate we ignorant minions.

Well, Mr. President, we may not be on the list of what you deem to be enlightened people, but we do know some things. Here’s just a few.

We don’t believe in global warming and you, Al Gore, and you insipid Democratic Congress aren’t going to shove it down our throats. If you try Chicago politics and use the EPA to do it, your party will pay dearly. Every day more facts come out on the trumped up science behind the farce called global warming. There’s an Amber Alert(Glen Beck) out on Al Gore, since he seems to be like a groundhog as winter ravages the country.

We don’t want Gitmo closed. We think it was a bad idea. And, despite your great wisdom, you can’t get it closed. We want terrorists tried in Military Courts and if you don’t understand that yet, you can’t be very smart either.

We want smaller government and if you don’t start giving it to us, you will be a one-term president.

We want less spending. You don’t. We will win.

We don’t want you to put an SEIU attorney in the Department of Labor. You did, and we won again. This was a cute Chicago trick. You couldn’t get card check so you tried to stack the board and mandate it without congressional approval. Cute, but we are smart, we caught you.

Basically, we don’t want any of your ideas. Yours, your progressive left-wing radical elitist friends, or your core group of advisers. We don’t want Eric Holder to be the Attorney General and he won’t be for long. We want Rahm Emanuel gone, and he will be too. We want Janet Napolitano gone, and she will be soon.

In your misguided mind, you may think we are poor simple Bible toting, gun hugging, dumb asses. But, we have your number and we got it in only a year. You approval rating reflects our respect for your leadership. Look down your arrogant nose at us if you will, but most of us would have gotten the message from Massachusetts, but not you. You will get the message in November. Your broken promise of bi-partisanship in Washington will be fixed then. See how you like trying to pass your socialistic programs with a minority in congress.

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