A New Health Care Reform Idea

February/21/2010 15:43PM
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Obama is making more speeches challenging the Republicans to come to a health care reform summit to exchange ideas. His mantra, ” if you have ideas, bring them”. I really don’t know how this man shaves in the morning. I guess he hasn’t heard about tort reform or buying insurance across state lines, or eliminating Medicare and Medicaid fraud before cutting benefits. We just have to get this man hearing help. He must be seriously impaired. A nice Bell-tone might help. It would be covered by the Cadillac plan the politicians enjoy. I wonder if he’s heard that almost 20 states have or soon will pass a bill that would insulate their state from any Federal health care requirement mandating a federal option. Guess the states aren’t deaf. They are getting ready assuming the worst from you, Mr. President. Must give you great pride to see the lack of trust across the country.

Here’s my health care reform idea. I have a friend who became seriously ill in Mexico. He has spent the winters there for years. He was rushed to the emergency room at the local hospital. He had lost a lot of blood. They had no blood. His family was told Mexicans donate blood for Mexicans. You need to get some Gringos to give blood. But, no one over 60 can donate. His wife had to go out and solicit blood for him and deliver the blood to the hospital. She couldn’t get enough. So, the only option was to Medevac him to the US. For every day he was in the hospital, the charges had to be paid in full, by credit card, up front. Their incompetence almost killed him, but they got paid. Paid for almost killing him.

My idea is simple. Use the Mexican plan for Mexicans who are here illegally. Pay daily, up front by credit card, or leave. Bring your own blood and other medications. Americans donate blood for US citizens, you find another illegal or family member to donate blood and deliver it here and we will charge you, up-front, to use the blood or medicines. If you can’t pay, med-vac your family member to Mexico where he or she can enjoy the Mexican Health Care Program.

Illegal Mexicans spend billions of your tax dollars getting free medical attention in US emergency rooms. We can cut that to almost zero by implementing the same plan the Mexicans have available for you should you need medical help in Mexico.

Aren’t you a little tired of being abused by Mexico. They import their people and their drugs here. Then they export the money back from both. The wages of the illegals get sent home and the drug money goes back. We are left with the bills. The crime, the cost of incarcerating the criminals, the free medical costs, the food stamps. and all the rest.

Yet, a US citizen gets sick in Mexico and gets treated like a bum. We can’t afford the double standard anymore. We need a president who will go to Mexico and tell the good people of Mexico we’ve had enough. Don’t send anymore illegals across our border because you are going to get them back. Don’t send anymore drugs across our borders or we will send you back dead drug lords by the truckload. If a Mexican gets sick in the US, we will drop him or her at the closest Mexican border hospital.

We need to be tired of being Mexico’s doormat and stop them from wiping their feet on us.

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