Sham Budget Reduction Scam

January/27/2010 15:52PM
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President Obama will announce a budget freeze. It will reduce the bloated $1.4 trillion budget for 2011 by $15 billion dollars. A rounding error. This farce of a president believes the America people will see him as a more moderate, less big, spender. After raising the deficit ceiling by $1.8 trillion giving him nearly $4 trillion in deficit additions on his watch, we are to be impressed by $15 billion? How dumb does he think he has dumbed us down?

I have one suggestion that can reduce the budget by $24.2 billion in 2011. Eliminate the Department of Energy. Initiated on 8/4/77, the DOE was to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. At that time, we were buying less than 50% of our oil from foreign nations. Today, it’s 70%. How’s that for accountability? In 32 years we have spent nearly a trillion dollars for what? To employ 16,000 union bureaucrats. Plus 100,000 contract employees. What have we gotten for nearly a trillion dollars? Ethanol, the boon to the farmers and ethanol producers which is funded by another few billion of our tax dollars every year. A net energy loser that does virtually nothing to reduce imports.

The 70% dependence on foreign crude masks the real number. Two more refineries have closed already this year. We are importing more and more foreign finished products. This makes us even more vulnerable.

Why does a worthless agency like the DOE go on and grow? During the tenure of the DOE, we have stopped all viable means of reducing our oil dependency, all blessed by the DOE. Nuclear plants were stopped. Offshore drilling was stopped. Drilling on federal lands was stopped. Refineries close without the DOE speaking a word. The DOE bows to rabid environmentalists. The employees of the DOE are populated by with rabid environmentalists. Basically, it a lobbying firm for the rabid environmentalists. What do you expect?

What business would continue to fund a subsidiary that never meets a goal? Worse, every year the goal goes in the wrong direction.

Is there any potential leader of any party who would close the DOE, or set firm goals and if the goals are unmet every year, fire all the employees who fail to meet any goals?

We have a $12 trillion deficit and $65 trillion in unfunded future obligations. With a $3.5 trillion revenue stream every year, a $15 billion spending cut in 2011 shows how incompetent this President is and why we desperately need to send most of congress home in the fall. He raised all these budgets an average of 20% last year. So, he’s freezing at the highest level in our history. We, as a country are going broke. China will soon be calling our notes. No one, including me, will invest in any government instruments very soon.
It’s certainly not Obama who will disband the DOE . Throw us a $15 billion dollar bone and expect applause, Mr. President. Expect applause? You make the DOE look good.

We can’t afford to continue to have lawyers in office who maintain office by taking home pork we can’t afford. We can’t afford the DOE and all the other DOE’s in Washington. It’s time to get serious. Eliminate the $1.8 trillion deficit ceiling raise just put into effect. Cut another $1.2 Obama put in last year. Cut back to pre-Obama and live with it, Obama. Don’t insult me with $15 billion.

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