Pay It Forward

January/11/2010 19:57PM
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Some very wise person came up with this idea several years ago. You do something nice for someone and somewhere down the road that person or someone else may help you in time of need. The more of it you do, the better the chance of getting that help when it’s important.

Now, the US Congress has taken the idea and given it a new spin. It’s called Health Care Reform. Here’s how it works. If passed, many of us will begin paying for it right away. Medicare cuts will happen and the elderly will find many hospitals like the Mayo Clinic in Arizona will stop taking Medicare patients. Doctors as well. They claim they lose money on the payment schedule today, so, when cut, they will choose not to lose even more money. But, the pain will come immediately, but no benefits will occur until 2012.

This is the reverse of pay it forward, it’s take it now and pay it later. So, if one can expect rewards in the future for paying today, perhaps it’s fair to think one will expect pain in the future if they take from you today and don’t pay anything back for three years.

The fools in Congress don’t get this. No surprise, since they aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer, but many will get it in 2010. See, when the mid-term elections happen, the people will already be paying for benefits they aren’t receiving. Paying it forward. The anger and frustration will get paid back in those 2010 elections. The elderly will already be seeing the damage from the Medicare cuts. The lucky few with Cadillac plans will already be taxed. Those who make over $150,000 and have health care will already be paying taxes so others can have insurance in 2012. Those who don’t have insurance now, still won’t have any.

It’s a sure-fire plan to make those who voted for it pay in 2010. No one is happy.

Isn’t it nice to see the whole herd of lemmings headed for the cliff for good old Barack?

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