Obama Will Start Firing Staff

January/13/2010 16:26PM
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The messiah must be hard to live with these days. It’s so bad he has stopped holding his contrived press conferences. Watching his poll numbers must be very hard for a man who wants to be president of the world. When confronted with failure for the first time in his charmed life he has two options. One, go to the mirror and say it’s my fault. Or, two, look around and figure out who can take the blame. What’s your guess?

He refuses to fire Napolitano despite the “system worked” quote. Despite the fact that the majority of Americans think she is an empty pantsuit. Either it was his delayed unemotional speech about the Detroit bomber or Janet that sank him further in the current poll. Or, it’s the health care reform that has dropped to a 36% approval rating, slightly worse than Obama’s own rating. The Massachusetts senate race is close. Close for a Republican in Massachusetts, Obama, that’s not good.

So what do you do Mr. President? Keep taking bad advice from those who got you elected but can’t keep you in office so is it time to start making radical changes?

You are killing your party. Scaring the daylights out of those who have to run for office this year. You are digging a hole so deep you have zero chance in 2012.

Hillary will be resigning soon and start trashing you. Setting up her run against you in the primary. At that point, you are done.

Despite your faults you are not foolish. In the next few weeks the heads will start rolling. The advisers you have are selling bad advice. You will find new people just like Bill Clinton did and start moving to the center.

In the mid-term elections when George W. Bush lost the house and senate a little group marched up to the White House and told him to fire Rumsfeld. What will the little group be telling you if you lose the house and senate for the Democrats this year?

Marketing people are told a story in Marketing 101. It goes like this. The R&D people at a dog food company developed the best, most nutritious dog food even made. It was low-cost and could undercut the competition. The Ad Agency put together a gang-busters campaign. People at focus groups were excited about buying the product. They didn’t even test it, they rolled it out nationwide. It failed. Sales were good initially. But repeat sales were very low. The marketing executives went ballistic. They sent droves out to find out what was wrong. Finally, the droves mustered up the courage to tell the bosses what the problem was with the product. The dogs wouldn’t eat the dog food.

Well, Mr. Obama the dogs aren’t eating your dog food. They have been telling you that since the tea parties in April. You’ve been watching too much network news praising you. Time to send the droves out and find out what your problem is. Find some brave enough to tell you the truth.

Better do it soon before Hillary makes her move.

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