Health Care Reform Flaws

January/18/2010 17:29PM
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  There are things I don’t understand about the recent developments in the mess Obama calls Health Care Reform.  In an earlier blog I predicted Senator Ben Nelson, feeling heat at home, would suggest Congress give all states the same deal they gave him for the key vote to move the bill forward. Guess what, he wrote a letter to Obama suggesting all states get relief from all increases from Medicaid. 

Meanwhile, Obama, spent four hours with key labor union people to find a way to exempt the unions for the tax on Cadillac health care reform. So, if he agrees with Nelson, there will be a billion more spent on reform. And, if they don’t collect taxes from the unions for their elaborate health care plans, there will be several less collected. But, of course, anyone not in a union will pay the taxes. With Obama, if you aren’t in a union, you get hosed.

 The trillion dollar tab for health care reform did not include these concessions. How does the price of health care reform keep going down while revenue reductions and expense increases keep occurring? 

And, Massachusetts, which has had a health care plan much like that being proposed by Congress, shows only 35% of the people in the state favor either their plan or the one proposed by the Obama administration. If it’s good for the country, why hasn’t it been good for Massachusetts? If the state elects a Republican to replace Kennedy in the Senate, how bad is it? Or, even if that race ends up close, what does it say, since the Republican candidate is running on a platform to be the vote that kills Obama’s plan? If one of the most liberal states in the union doesn’t like Romney Care, why give the whole country Obama care, which seems worse?

With only 38% of the public favoring health care reform, why should we have it?

Tired of being on the bottom of the U.S. Government Flow Chart, start doing something about it by getting involved.

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