Exelon Wants Cap and Trade

January/30/2010 16:59PM
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John Rowe has led a charge for cap and trade. Gee, why would a CEO for one of the largest and most profitable utilities endorse a plan that will raise power costs for all Americans. Money and greed, that’s usually the answer. Exelon has the nation’s largest fleet of nuclear power plants. Gee, you think that’s why Mr. Rowe is a strong advocate for cap and trade? Exelon will be paid by the utilities that use coal or have fewer nuclear plants-paid in the form of carbon credits which he can sell. Makes it pretty easy to be green, doesn’t it?

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of this crap. CEOs like Rowe who stand to benefit by millions, if not billions, from a government policy, wrapping themselves in the green flag and espousing cap and trade for noble reasons. Cut the crap, John, you would stiff your grandmother for a few dollars to Exelon’s bottom line. Dollars that require no capital expense, no effort on any one’s part, just checks from your competitors. How sweet is that, John? Dollars that flow right to the stock price and right to your stock option spreads. You are already a very wealthy man, John, stop trying to convince your government to put it to the poor consumer in this time when so many are suffering. Put the hurt on them for personal gain.

Maybe it’s solace to know you aren’t the only CEO pimping for cap and trade for unscrupulous purposes. There’s your buddy, Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, who is even worse. He has used his TV networks to pimp for both cap and trade and health care reform. Having NBC and MSNBC endorse candidates and causes. He is crying in his beer right now, since he bet the farm on cap and trade and health care reform. Old Jeff might lose his job for this bad judgment. It was the thread of dental floss keeping him from getting axed by the board. He has taken GE in the tank, and suffered large financial losses from NBC and MSNBC to foster these causes. Now, when he thought the deal was done(health care reform) he’s selling NBC. Didn’t need them anymore. Woops, not so fast Jeff.

Finally, Americans are catching on. We don’t care what John Rowe wants. We don’t believe John’s sincere anyway. Shut your pie hole, John, you are stating to look like the Dixie Chicks or Barack Obama, running another three card Monte game. You are making a fool of yourself. If you had coal plants you would be speaking out on the foibles of global warming and cap and trade. Get off the media train and go back to work, looks like your dreams of millions in carbon credits are becoming a nightmare.

These are tough times and Americans are getting tough. People like Obama who will say anything to get what they want no longer get away with that behavior. People are keeping score. The American public is very educated on cap and trade. John Rowe looks really stupid trying to sell his strong feelings about cap and trade being a deep-seated belief in our need to stop global warming. Jeff Immelt hitched his wagon to Obama’s star. Bad move, Jeff. But, these deceivers don’t get it. They are still in there putting out the spin. But, Rowe will soon be retired before cap and trade is ever passed, Immelt will be fired, and Obama will be a lobbyist. Planning to build history’s smallest Presidential Library.

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