Don’t Let Government Stop Natural Gas Production

January/31/2010 18:18PM
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The drums are beating. The environmentalists smell blood. The best energy news in America in decades is the huge new natural gas finds we are developing in the US by new technology. By fracing, or pushing water under pressure into shale formations, oil companies are finding huge new quantities of natural gas. That’s why your gas bills have been dropping.

There is not one scintilla of scientific proof that there is any risk from this technology. But, chemicals are also injected into the water to help break up the shale. Use a sentence that mentions water, oil companies, and chemicals, and that’s enough for the media and the rabid environmentalist to stop any project. They are already funding the lawsuits they plan to file to stop this.

Natural gas is a problem for rabid environmentalists. It is a clean burning fuel. It can produce electricity in lieu of coal. It is a transportation fuel. Cars and truck can run on natural gas. The oil industry believes there are hundreds of years of supply right here in the US. No refineries are needed to turn it into transportation fuels. It can truly bail us out of our energy mess. Reduce trade deficits run up by buying foreign oil. Fuel our economy. Keep our plants running National security. One day down the road our foreign friends who sell us oil are going to make mischief again. The windmills, solar panels, and other options progressives and environmentalists have been promising for 32 years won’t bail us out.

It’s your gas. It doesn’t belong to the Sierra Club or Barack Obama. It’s ours. We can’t let them take this away like they have nuclear power, offshore drilling, oil on Federal lands, or the North Shore of Alaska. It’s ours, and it’s time to dig in our heels and say, we are going to use it and you can’t stop us.

Any politician who doesn’t support this doesn’t deserve a vote. Remember the ozone layer problem? Now,the climate scientists say that all of the efforts to close the ozone layer have been a mistake. Billions of dollars spent to fix the ozone problem. They now say the smaller ozone layer is contributing to global warming. Can you believe these bozos? They stopped DDT and killed millions of people only to say maybe it wasn’t a problem.

You want to stake the futures of your grand kids on this voodoo science, be my guest. But, I’m done buying the bull. We need to fight for our energy futures and use common sense to get it done. No more advice from liberal, progressive, two-headed freak scientists. No more pressure from weirdo environmentalists with Che t-shirts. Don’t let them mess with our natural gas boon.

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