A Year of Obama

January/01/2010 16:30PM
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We elected a community organizer President. We got what we deserved.

First act, Close Gitmo. Still isn’t closed. Sends Gitmo prisoners to Yemen. We find Yemen is a hot bed for el Qaeda. Someone there recruits a man to try to blow up a plane over Detroit. Some 72 hours later, the community organizer realizes he needs to say something to the community he is organizing. He says it’s an isolated incident. After counseling from inept staff, he says it’s a breakdown of human and system errors. This may be one of the few true statements he has made since becomming president. He was right, it was a breakdown of leadership, his leadership.

It started with him naming Eric Holder Attorney General. Holder’s last job was defending el Qaeda prisoners. He’s still on that job. Then, we got Janet Napolitano. The “system worked”, Janet. All of this results in the man who tried to blow up the plane being lawyer-ed up in Detroit instead of being interrogated at Gitmo to tell us where the next attack will be.

He named a record number of tax cheats to high positions. Some left, but some remain. Tim Geithner being the biggest remaining. Running our economy without supervision, he is throwing our tax dollars at every old friend from Wall Street. Without any endorsement from Congress or the American people.

He passed the biggest earmark deal in history. Promising it would reduce unemployment to 8%, it rose to 10.2%. Now the state unemployment coffers are empty and will need billions more in 2010.

He took over GM and Chrysler and benefited the UAW. Now, he needs to give a few more billion to GMAC, and ,under pressure, is backing off closing smaller dealerships, which was critical to making them GM and Chrysler succeed.

He kowtowed to the Muslim world. In his inflated egotistical opinion, he just knew they would love him like the old community in Chicago did. Sorry, Mr. President, but they are still very much at war with us, despite your delusions.

He gave us cash for clunkers and pay your neighbor’s mortgage programs. Buy cars and pay mortgages for others. Spread the wealth.

He tried to give us Cap and Tax. A plan to raise all energy costs in the country with zero global results. Town hall meetings and the polls scared the daylights out of Congress and this will not happen despite the best efforts of Obama.

He is trying to give us health care reform and will probably succeed. The same government that can’t run Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans insurance, and Native American medical plans will run everything.

He has created record deficits, and spending and debt “as far as the eye can see”, to quote him.

He has broken every campaign promise, except one: to fundamentally change America forever. Partisan government has never been worse. There are more lobbyists than we have ever seen in government jobs. There have been more earmarks than ever.

He has the lowest job approval rating ever seen since polls started. He grades himself a B plus.

He puts no skin in any game. He wants health care reform. Not a specific kind of reform, just any kind. He wants Gitmo closed, but has no plan. He’s flying at 40,000 feet above everything he gets involved in and depends on the famous teleprompter to save him. He appears on TV daily, or more often, and says nothing.

He has surrounded himself with Chicago goons who have no more experience than he does. They are playing hardball with everyone, including the media. They want to jerry rig the 2010 census.

Very quickly, he is turning the US into Illinois. I live in Illinois and believe me you don’t want that. We are becomming a banana republic and the future for our kids and grand kids looks bleak.

A leader needs to be judged by his results not his words. Mr. President, your results are not good. Your words are ringing hollow. We see you for what you are. A man with a plan. A plan to make America like France or Detroit.

We became unlike France because of our freedom and liberty and our capitalist economy. Detroit became Detroit because of entitlements and dependence on handouts from government. Just like many other blue states and blue cities.

Even Jimmy Carter didn’t have your track record at this point in his presidency. Hard to believe we could elect someone worst than Carter, but we have. Wake up Mr. President, we get it. And, the majority of us don’t like it.

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