US to Become a No Fly Zone?

December/31/2009 16:19PM
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Freedoms in our country are important. However, as excessive freedoms are given to certain groups, more lose their liberty.

When I grew up, children could play outdoors with no parental fears. When my kids were growing up there were concerns, but very limited. As the ACLU and the raging left wing liberals took over, the freedoms were transferred from the general population to the perverts. When a little girl was murdered in Florida recently by a convicted sex offender, it was discovered that more than fifty registered sex offenders lived within a five mile radius of her house. Freedom and liberty, once held by children, is now held by registered sex offenders or other convicted criminals in our country. Miranda rights, public defenders, plea bargains, light sentences, early paroles, and other rights granted to unsavory characters come at the expense of the innocent.

Since 9-11, we have undergone stricter regulations on air travel. TSA inspections, longer lines at security, and pat downs and shoe removals. So far we have accepted this inconvenience. We spent almost a half trillion dollars on what is now an ineffective Department of Homeland Security. A severe leadership failure.

Still we have the Detroit near-miss. Now, it’s bathroom regulations on International flights, blanket restrictions, and nude scanning.

The Israelis have been profiling Muslims for years. They have never had a flight incident. Their philosophy is simple. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims. They say there is no system or process to completely protect passengers short of profiling. They refuse to put their airline passengers at risk for political correctness.

Never happen here. We will handle this just like we have handled the safety of our children in the midst of perverts. The children must give up liberty, not the perverts. The passengers in airplanes must give up their personal convenience and safety in the air to protect the Muslims from closer scrutiny.

The end result will be fewer and fewer of us choosing to fly. More and more airlines will be going out of business. Damage to the economy and more unemployment.

The ACLU will rule, the left-wing liberals will win out, and the damage will come. The terrorists know this. They know we will never adopt the Israeli position. We will never target attention toward the people who are bent on destroying us. We will simply inflict our own damage to protect a few.

Millions will pay for the few who might be inconvenienced by adopting the profiling strategy and over time we will suffer.

I, personally, do not care if a few Muslims are inconvenienced. If their Muslim brothers give up their war on us, fine, we will stop the practice. If not, it’s the price you pay for war. It is an inconvenience, not interment in concentration camps like the Japanese experienced here after Pearl Harbor. It’s an inconvenience, just like we all enjoy every time we fly today.

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