The Do Nothing Generation

December/15/2009 16:34PM
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It’s time to admit guilt. Those of us between the ages of 55 and 75 are the do nothing generation. Sons and daughters of the Greatest Generation, we blew it big time. Our kids and grand kids are not going to look kindly on us in years to come. We let our government take over our country. Before you get mad, let me make my case.

We were taught to work hard and provide for our families. We did that for the most part. We were too busy keeping our shoulders to the wheel to pay attention to what was happening to our country.

The ACLU began to challenge everything that made this country great. The pledge of allegiance in school. Putting bad guys in jail and keeping them there. There was no effective offset to the ACLU. Why didn’t we pony up money to create some organization to fight the ACLU fights? The liberals were pouring money into the ACLU. We watched. Now kids can’t walk to school or play outdoors. Let alone say the pledge of allegiance.

The nut job environmentalists began to sue over any project that spelled progress. We did some great environmental things. No more rivers have caught fire. Smoke stacks don’t belch smoke everywhere in this country. But, as we were always taught, everything in moderation. We went too far. We outlawed DDT and killed millions of people around the world. No remorse. We stopped building nuclear plants here. We stopped drilling for oil and gas. We stopped building refineries. We destroyed the auto industry. We don’t build much anymore and we are far too dependent on foreign nations for too many essentials. What did we do while the nut jobs did all this, we watched. There is no offset organization to Greenpeace or the Sierra Club. Why?

We watched as labor unions, groups that were sorely needed but had outlived their usefulness, destroyed our businesses by making us non-competitive. The NEA has destroyed our educational system and we can’t change it. Government unions have bloated payrolls and we have local and state budgets in trouble and we can do nothing. We have a president who is owned by the unions. We watch.

States rights were taken away. Central government has grown and grown. Elected officials are arrogant attorneys who can’t put a bill together in less than 2,000 pages, and respond to us via form letters. Regulation has been piled on regulation, each restricting our freedoms and the freedoms of state and local government. Courts are stacked at every level with ACLU types. What the regulations have not taken the courts have. We watched.

The media became touts for the liberals. Every piece of news is spun with a liberal bias. We watched.

Political correctness keeps everyone from expressing opinions. Overdone, it’s stifling debate. We watched.

Favoritism was introduced through diversity. Another form of political correctness. We watched.

Government corruption is rampant. We watch.

Government spending is totally out of control. Look at states like California and Michigan and you can see our future. We are really watching this now, but it changes nothing. As we watch, it goes up and up.

It’s time for our generation to stop watching. We have time on our hands. We can become a force. We can all vote in the 2010 elections. We can donate to groups we believe can make a difference and change the direction this country headed. We can learn to behave like the left has behaved for the past 30 years while we watched. We can at least get up off our lazy asses and try to make a difference.

Don’t waste your time writing letters to the dolts who say they represent you. This will achieve nothing. Get involved in the 2010 campaign in your district. Start talking to your neighbors about getting the vote out next year. Go to web sites that favor your political position. Find ways to effectively make contributions in money and ideas.

Get mad and get busy. You owe it to your kids and grand kids. If you don’t they will never forgive you for what we’ve done. Or, haven’t done.

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