Poetic Irony

December/12/2009 17:24PM
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David Gelbaum a man who has donated $389 million to the Sierra Club, the ACLU, and services to military personnel will cut donations. He has invested in alternative energy and it’s going poorly.

Gee, the DOE has invested billions of our tax dollars to these same causes over the past 30 years with the same result.

Mr. Gelbaum gave $47.7 to the Sierra Club between 2005 to 2009. He gave $94 million to the ACLU over the same time frame.

Mr. Gelbaum, since you are falling on hard times, just give the same $247 million to the agency that helps service members and veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan and drop the other two.

You might want to shift those investments in biofuels, algae, and other exotic energy experiments into natural gas and nuclear and you may get a good return on your money. Let the government keep spending billions of our money in those loser deals and you may be able to keep supporting the troops.

Also, get new friends. Those folks from the ACLU and the Sierra Club will detach you from reality and destory your hard-earned fortune. Al Gore, he just sells speeches and gets rich. He doesn’t believe in anything he says, so his money won’t be lost. Hang with the troops, they won’t steer you wrong.

David, on the O’Reilly show you would qualify as both a patriot and a pinhead. You give millions to two groups who are trying to destroy our country and even more millions to the brave young people who are trying to protect us from evil.

As a retired oil man I have watched literally trillions wasted in alternative energy pursuits. Of course if the Sierra Club stops all production of economic energy here we will have to pay whatever alternative energy costs. But, sadly, when that happens we won’t have much of a country so we won’t need much. Heads you lose, tails you lose David.

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