Panhandling in Copenhagen

December/17/2009 18:09PM
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Never in the history of the world have so many panhandlers convened to beg money from so few. This charade is nothing but an effort by poor nations to get global income redistribution.

President Obama sent Hillary Clinton to pledge a mere $100 billion of your tax dollars. Taken from you and from small businessmen in America. It will go to corrupt nations who will use it for the normal corrupt purposes. The same Obama who took the bankers to the woodshed for not solving the unemployment problem Obama is creating. Statistics show that only 10% of small businessmen have complained about the lack of business loans. Of those 10% some large number may not be credit worthy. So, in his normal process, the President will drop another rock on small business in this country by handing out a few billion to the panhandlers.

Add this to the uncertainty of more taxes, higher health care costs, and cap and tax and you may get to the root cause of small business problems in America. Once there, you have the real reason for 10% unemployment. President Obama and the Democratic Congress believe all jobs flow from Washington. Both had separate proposals for more earmarks using jobs as the rationale. Getting a few Democrats elected in 2010 is the real justification. Unfortunately, neither will happen.

President Obama, if you want to help the Democrats you have already made unelectable in 2010, just scratch from Copenhagen. It will be no more successful than your trip to get Chicago the 2016 Olympics. And, it will cost us several billion dollars we don’t have.

Panhandling under the guise of man made global warming is no different than waving a sign that you will work for money. None of those people with those signs are going to show up for work if you give them money, they are going to buy booze. None of the countries you will give our money to will buy windmills, they will also buy booze and guns.

Wise up Mr. President, the country is on to both you and Al Gore.

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