Government By Guilt

December/01/2009 16:23PM
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We are truly blessed to have a government in power that uses guilt to achieve goals. Goals that are important to them at the expense of the majority.

The recent expose about man made global warming is an example. President Obama said earlier this year, “the debate about global warming is over.” Mr. President, it is far from over. You and your compatriots have used guilt to foist a scam on us for the greater good of bigger government, more control, higher taxes, and reduced economic activity in this country. You tell us we are destroying our planet. That’s a big guilt trip. Once you have the leverage you use it to push your social programs.

Health care reform is another example. You tell us we can’t live with ourselves if we leave poor people without health insurance. But, the objective is not to insure the poor, it’s to give government total control of our health care. To collect more taxes, to go more income redistribution, and to get you and your party more votes and more tax dollars to squander.

Well, I’ve got a little guilt trip for you. Your spending is destroying this country. You are making it impossible for my grand children to have a good standard of living. Every day this problem takes greater and greater precedence over your guilt trips.

Like most tools, if overused, they lose their edge. Your tools are getting very, very dull.

You best get to the shed and look for new tools, this one is becoming ineffective. More and more Americans are not buying your snake oil. Your recent job approval ratings show how much we are buying your phoney guilt trips.

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