Cost of Closing Gitmo

December/16/2009 14:28PM
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Dick Durbin, the senior senator from the great state of Illinois wants to move 100 Gitmo prisoners from Gitmo to Thomson, Illinois. The Federal Government will pay Illinois some $130 million for a prison that was built and never used. This, according to Durbin will add 3,800 new jobs. For 100 inmates. That’s 380 jobs per inmate. That’s typical of how efficient our government operates. This still leaves 110 inmates at Gitmo.

Remember, the reason we are closing Gitmo is to reduce the number of new recruits for Al Qaeda. But, published data shows the numbers of new recruits to Al Qaeda is at record numbers. The war in Afghanistan is doing that. The same war Obama is escalating.

Assume Durbin and Obama do move the 100 prisoners to Illinois. What will the cost be to find places for the other 110? It’s just your tax dollars they are spending. There is no conscience when it comes to spending your money to keep a bad campaign promise.

Add the cost to hold trials in NY City and pretty soon we are talking about a half billion dollars to appease the far left and the ACLU.

What happens if a group of Al Qaeda zealots drive a vehicle up to the gate at Thomson and set off a suicide bomb and free some or all of the prisoners to scatter around the Midwest? Pretty hard to do that at Gitmo. Even with 380 guards per prisoner, this is a possibility.

This mastermind is the same Dick Durbin who ended the school voucher program in Washington DC to appease the teachers union. The same Dick Durbin who gets a 100% rating from the AFL-CIO. Dick, you can’t get if over 100%. The same Dick Durbin who was so involved in the housing meltdown with Dodd and Frank. His home state is nearly broke. Wonder why, with judgment like Dick shows.

A trillion dollar deficit for the next fiscal year. Money is monopoly money to the likes of Durbin and Obama. They both hail from the cradle of crooks, the land of Blagojevich.

When will you have enough?

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