Chewing Copenhagen

December/05/2009 18:21PM
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Despite scientist’s e-mails raising serious factual concern about global warming, President Obama will go to Copenhagen and pledge us to reduce carbon emission by 83% by 2020. This is totally out of sync with the public opinion which is trending to growing isolationism. A recent Pew poll shows that 44% of Americans say we should go our own way on international matters, not worrying whether other countries agree or not.

European nations with high levels of public entitlements have little GDP to devote to defense. That’s why, when asked to help with Iraq or Afghanistan, they can’t help. Obama’s agenda to raise our levels of entitlements will eventually put us in the same shape. We will be unable to defend ourselves much like the European nations. They seem to want us to follow their leads, but still depend on us for support. They are all very vulnerable to attack.

So, heap on top of the entitlement movement a big pledge to spend billions to reduce carbon which may or may not be a real issue, and we will become even more vulnerable to a foreign threat. Plus, it will not go well with the 44% of the public who want us to go our own way and ignore the foreign pressure to reduce carbon emissions.

What does the big pledge do for us. It raises the esteem of Obama in the eyes of the world but reduces it in the eyes of America. It would put us out of the refining business. It will require huge public subsidizes for wind and new nuclear power. It will make us more dependent on foreign energy supplies. It will reduce our competitiveness on manufactured products. It will raise fuel and energy costs for all Americans. Meanwhile the Chinese will dump more carbon than we eliminated and become our supplier of manufactured goods.

How many more sacrifices should we make to stroke the massive ego of our President? How far can he go to make decisions that don’t agree with 44% of the public?

The organization that predicts future elections now says their is a 40% chance that the Republicans will have a majority in both the Senate and the House in 2011. Maybe not much further.

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