Redistributing Your DSL

November/19/2009 14:09PM
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The Democrats in Washington have found a new way to raise the deficit. They have added and item to the long list of entitlements they have on their list. The “everyone in American should own their own house” didn’t work out so well for Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Dick Durbin. The “everyone should be able to get rid of their clunker and get a new car” wasn’t a big success. The “everyone in America should watch digital TV” took forever. Everyone should have free health care. Everyone should go to college free. Giving everyone whatever they want free is breaking the back of America. Look to California once again to see our future. California gave until it hurt. Hurt so much they may go broke.

Undaunted, Obama wants every home in America to have DSL. The cost estimate is $20-350 billion. Chump change to this administration.

Where will the money for this be found? Ready for this.

The DSL user you patronize will be asked to raise their fees to provide money for those who don’t have DSL.

Another entitlement. Another income redistribution plan.

We must break the cycle of socialism in America. We must stop the insanity. We must tell them no more. It’s totally out of hand.

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