Oprah and Ft. Hood

November/10/2009 17:05PM
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It’s 3 degrees of separation. Oprah gave Dr. Phil his start in the TV business. Oprah had a big part in getting President Obama elected. President Obama named Arizona governor, Janet Napolitano, Director of Homeland Security. Major Hasan conducted a Jihad at Ft. Hood, killing 13 innocent people.

How did we get back to pre-911 vigilance? What responsibility does Oprah have in the Ft. Hood Jihad?

On Sunday, General Casey, U.S. Military Chief of Staff, made the rounds of the TV talk shows telling the public that we must be careful not to blame Major Hasan’s Muslim religion for the attack lest we create problems for the other Muslims in the U.S. military.

Dr. Phil, the foot-in-the mouth, psychologist, not psychiatrist, was quick to point out in a talk show that it was wrong to mention Major Hasan’s Islamic religion. The poor man was under such stress over being deployed to Afghanistan he just snapped. My Dad was pretty stressed to be sent to the Pacific in WWII, but he served and served with dignity. The Oprah Virus. You hug and cry and excuse whatever happened. Dr. Phil got it from Oprah. President Obama got it from Oprah. There is no vaccine.

Close Gitmo, it’s inhumane. We caused problems with Muslims by doing bad things to innocent radical Muslims. We need to investigate all the CIA people who kept us from further acts of terrorism. Group hug. Oprah virus.

The reality is becomming very clear. Major Hasan’s attack, just as this blog posted on the day it happened, was an act of terrorism brought about by a recruit to radical Islam. There will be more.

The enemy wants to kill us. They want to recruit radical Muslims living in this country to conduct these missions.

They see we have a president who is weak on vigilance. They see he appointed a Director of Homeland Security who is more interested in trying to stop Sheriff Joe Arpaio in AZ from rounding up illegals than looking into why an army Major would be e-mailing a known recruiter for would-be Islamic terrorists. Benign e-mails, how can you have benign e-mails with a famous terrorist recruiter who want to find radical Muslims to kill U.S. soldiers? Let’s all have a group hug and big cry for poor Major Hasan–President Obama, Oprah, Dr. Phil, and Janet Napolitano. Political correctness and diversity must prevail over homeland security.

When you have a city that is soft on crime, you have a city with a lot of crime. When you have a country that is soft on terrorism, you will have a lot of terrorism. And, you will get some nice cover-ups and spins when they happen. None of those in the group hug will be stepping up to take responsibility for an incident. If one does, it will be Janet. When it hits the fan too bad someone has to fall on the sword. Ultimately, somewhere down the road, it will be Janet. She’s pond scum compared to the rest in the group hug.

When you go to sleep at night would you rather have that grumpy old man, Dick Cheney, watching your back, or poor confused Janet, still in that group hug with Oprah, Dr. Phil, and President Obama?

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