Obama Sinking Like A Rock

November/25/2009 18:47PM
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Newest approval rating is 46% and dropping for the President. I can explain most of the root causes.

First, it was the promise to close Gitmo. A concession to the far left loons. The ACLU. But, we just can’t get it closed. Compound that with the plans to investigate the CIA for the work at Gitmo to keep America safe. Have a terrorist attack at Ft. Hood, then call it something else. Then, bring the worst of the worst to NYC to hold a trial in a civilian court.

Then it was the Stimulus Package. Promise it will keep unemployment at 8% then watch it grow to 10.2%. Keep saying it has created or saved over a million jobs. Put up a very expensive government web site to defend that and have the data show bogus facts, even congressional districts that don’t exist. Keep beating that drum.

Try to ram through cap and trade and find the Senate won’t pass it since they are getting lots of mail from home on this idea.

Devote the balance of the year to health care reform. Tie up everything else in the House and the Senate. Newest poll, 44% of the public don’t want your health care reform. Be unable to sell your plan since you don’t have a plan. Your plan is socialized medicine. You don’t want to be bothered about the details. Have a government panel come out with a new recommendation on mammograms. Telegraphing how health care will be rationed with health care reform. Tell the elderly you will take $500 billion out of Medicare to add new insured to the roles.

Go to China and come back with what the Wall Street Journal said was a tee shirt. Make three requests to the Chinese and get rejected on all three. Human rights, strengthen the yuan, and carbon emission, no, no, and no. And, get lectured by the Chinese about government spending and the effect on the dollar.

Name a tax cheat your Treasury Secretary. Keep him even though he is not doing good for the economy or the dollar. Looks like Congress is about to take care of the Geithner problem for you.

Be unable to make a troop decision on Afghanistan. Destroy troop morale while you ponder. Or, dither as Cheney said.

Take over two car companies to appease the UAW and trash the retired salaried workers and investors of both. Fire a CEO, which is unconstitutional.

Ignore tea party protesters and let your hatchet woman, Pelosi, insult them.

Forget that only 20% of registered voters are registered Democrats and let all of the above irritate the independents.

You have done everything possible to support your union friends, your far left supporters, and your media friends. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough of them to add up to 50%. Maybe not enough to add up to more than 20%, if that. Good luck to you and your fellow Democrats in 2010. All your wounds are self-inflicted, none came from George Bush. Take a long look in the mirror. The silver tongue is all you have left. aktake

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