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November/15/2009 19:33PM
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Oh how the mighty have fallen. The Messiah, the chosen one, the charismatic one, the one who went down to congress earlier this year to remind them, “we won”, has hit the skids. Big time.

Funny thing about Americans. We may buy something, but we can get buyer’s remorse quickly. The country has buyer’s remorse for Obama.

You can lie to us about how many jobs the stimulus bill has generated. You know the “we won” bill. Double count, have those who received money jack up the job total, and just make stuff up. Does it make you look good? No, even the mainstream media are on you for this. But, like the scoreboard at the end of the game, you can’t lie about your poll numbers. They don’t come from your den of snakes, but from the people.

Here’s your scorecard, Mr. President.
Approval rating among likely voters:slightly less than 50%
Independents who oppose health care: 58%
Your rating for honesty: 33%
Rating for firm and decisive: 27%
Right decisions for the country: slightly less than 50%
Stimulus package working: 33%
Expect more partisanship ahead: 55%
Trust me/trust you on economic decisions: 62% me/27% trust you

So, Mr. President, keep doing what you are doing. Go around the world and apologize for we Americans. Try the CIA and the Gitmo guys in New York City. Appease the unions, the environmentalists, the ACLU, the bright Red socialists in your immediate circle, and all the other groups you feel are so important in your life. There’s an old saying, even a blind pig finds an acorn now and then. You and your ACORN friends are helping all the blind in America to see clearly.

You are writing your history in a blur. Here’s the short version. Over jobbed and surrounded by bad advice, President Obama will super-cede Jimmy Carter as the worst president in my lifetime. His actions in the first year will cost him a clear Democratic majority in the congress and the support of the public and his party.

Run that by Rahm Emmanuel and David Axlerod and see how they think they can fix it for you.

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