Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Weis

November/09/2009 17:50PM
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What do House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Notre Dame football coach Charlie Weis have in common? Believe it or not, many things.

They share the worst of attributes, being arrogant losers. It’s bad enough to have an unacceptable performance, but to fail and be arrogant at the same time is rare. It may be a sign of emotional instability. When it is obvious to all around you that you have performance problems, you must live in a fantasy world to think you are on top of your game and everyone is wrong.

They are both going to be fired sometime in the next year. Charlie lost to Navy for the second time in three years on Saturday. Navy had a team of young men that didn’t get recruited by top schools like Notre Dame. Charlie has had top ten recruiting classes for the past several years. Navy was a much smaller team. No one from Navy will be going to the NFL, they will be going to Iraq or Afghanistan to defend our country. No one can name the coach who out-coached Charlie. The Navy coach probably makes 10% of Charlie’s yearly pay. But, he out coached Charlie and beat him soundly.

Charlie has a contract running through 2015. It will cost Notre Dame a few million to fire Charlie. It will cost America a few trillion not to fire Pelosi.

Notre Dame has lost several games with Charlie due to bad decisions by Charlie. America is going broke due to bad decisions by Nancy.

Even when Charlie lost games he was unapologetic and nasty to media and alumni. When confronted with American citizens who were unhappy about what she was doing(tea parties) Nancy called them names and said they were not grass roots, but Astro Turf.

Charlie probably has a 5% approval rating from Notre Dame fans and alumni. Nancy has a 30% approval rating from her home district.

Here’s a flash to both Nancy and Charlie. If you lose and you are humble and show concern for those who expect more from you, you may get second and third chances. If you lose and refuse to accept responsibility for losing, and insult those who expect you to win, you will get fired. The bullets have been fired and sometime next year both of you will get hit.

There will little if any sympathy for either of you.

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