Man Made Global Warming Conspiracy

November/30/2009 22:29PM
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Why would scientists all over the world conspire to foist on the world a farce called man made global warming. Money, that’s why. Simple greed.

Start with the man who really got the ball rolling, Al Gore, this scam will make Al a billionaire. Does he care that the competitiveness of American business might suffer. NO. Does he care that poor people will pay far more for gasoline and power. No. It’s all about power and payback for losing a close election and being sent off to Tennessee with his tail between his legs. He reinvented himself and made a fortune. Is his work more heinous than Bernie Madoff? Yes, Bernie screwed the rich, Al is out to screw America.

There is no such thing as consensus science. Science is science and it should stand on it’s own. But, the hacker, who exposed the East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) which was covering up all dissent, should get Al’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Why would a group of scientists get together and plot to create a false claim about man made global warming? For money. They may not be making as much as Al, but they are raking it in. They have created a record number of jobs for deadbeat PHDs who might be teaching high school science. Power. They will force the US to give 1% of our GDP to less developed countries.

This whole thing has been and will be proven to be bunk. We have had global cooling for the past several years and they have worked hard to cover it up or excuse it away.

It has become a new religion to far too many fools.

Hopefully, now that the lid has blown off, the world will wake up and cooler heads will come forth and the other side can be heard for a change.

People should go to jail for fraud, including Al Gore.

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