Fantasyland In Washington

November/01/2009 18:18PM
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Contrary to popular belief, Fantasyland is not in Orlando, Anaheim, or even France, it’s in Washington DC. We have put 650 people in power charged with the responsibility of running our country who live in some other world. Most have never lived in the real world. They are attorneys who have sold words or community organizers who have begged to get money from taxpayers to give to people who may be having a rough patch, others who choose to live on hand-outs, or other bureaucrats who live on money from taxpayers. When we look at the resumes of the 650, why would we expect them to be in touch with reality?

I don’t want to complicate this with too many examples to demonstrate their detachment from reality, so I will use just one example.

They have convinced many Americans to take a guilt trip. We are told we are destroying our planet with carbon emissions. The use of fossil fuels must stop. We must give the government tax dollars and they will use those tax dollars to stop the use of fossil fuels. How?

We will have green energy initiatives. These initiatives will create millions of jobs across America to displace the jobs lost by closing businesses that emit carbon. You see, we will put those businesses out of business by taxing them for their sins. We will call it cap and trade.

Wait, aren’t these forms of energy production very expensive? Didn’t they fail in Spain? When the work was done the jobs went away and the economy is in the tank. Didn’t the Spanish government spend billions to get little energy? Yes, yes, and yes, but we must stop the carbon emissions at any cost.

Wait, don’t the windmills kill thousands of birds and bats including endangered species like golden eagles? Aren’t they a blight on the landscape, and don’t we lose a lot of energy they produce by the time we get the power to the grid? Yes, yes, and yes, but we must stop the carbon emissions at any cost.

So, regardless of the disadvantages above, we will built huge new wind farms across America and the government ,with our tax dollars, will subsidize the cost to make the power cost comparable to conventional power produced from coal. America is the Saudi Arabia of coal. We have the largest coal reserves of any country in the world. But, we must stop using it because it emits carbon?

OK, so where will the wind farms be? Well, everywhere except near the Kennedy Compound or my back yard. Or, yours, for that matter. They are unsightly and make a lot of noise and we don’t want to go out and pick up the dead birds and bats every day. So, how about Texas. Those cowboys don’t give a rip down there. They have most of the refineries so let’s give them the windmills too. West Texas, that’s even better. Put them where the oil wells used to be.

Sure enough, U.S. Renewable Energy, lead partner, will develop a 36,000 acre development in West Texas to produce 600 megawatts of wind energy. They will get tax credits and support from the federal stimulus in the form of millions of dollars. This project will produce 2,800 new jobs. So, I’m wrong, the Federal Government is using green energy to create jobs right here in America. I’m sorry.

Wait, not so fast. Shenyang Power Group, will supply 240 2.5 megawatt wind turbines. Of the 2,800 jobs about 400 will be here in the US, the rest will be in China, where Shenyang Power, which now employs 800 workers, will add 2,400 to do this job.

So, we put union coal miners in West Virginia out of work. They produce a product that puts carbon emissions in the air. We take your tax dollars to add 2,400 jobs in China to subsidize an inefficient source of power in West Texas. But, we add 400 temporary jobs in America ,since once the windmills are put up those jobs go away, just like they did in Spain.

You want to go to Fantasyland, go to Washington DC. You put them in office. The dwarfs, witches, and ogres. Only you can put them out.

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