Are Terrorists Just Common Criminals?

November/21/2009 18:02PM
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Suddenly we are being told that terrorists are just common criminals.

The state of Illinois, enough to make one suspicious on face value, is eager to move the Gitmo group to some little town in Western Illinois. A prison that was built and never used. How do you build a prison and never use it? Simple, you just make sure a lot of friends get paid a lot of money and you get some kickbacks. That’s the Land of Lincoln, the land of Obama. So, there’s this prison in Thomson, IL. sitting idle and Senator Durbin, the drooling idiot who make Senator Burris look sharp, can’t wait to bail out his president and move all the Gitmo guys there. Rationale: it’s good for jobs and the economy in Illinois and Thomson. And, no one has ever escaped from a maximum security prison in America. Boy, that make me feel better about the whole idea. Let’s just make prisons our main job generator in Illinois. Wait, doesn’t all that funding for all those jobs come from taxpayers?

So, we close a state of the art prison designed for holding and trying terrorists and put a lot of money into a prison that was built and never used in Illinois.

In those maximum security prisons Durbin addresses, the prisoners can only hope for a friendly hacksaw blade from a visitor. In Thomson, what if a truck driven by a terrorist like Major Hasan drives up and detonates a suicide bomb and blows the front off the prison. With more trucks following to kill the guards and haul the terrorists off in ten differ directions. Little different issues than a hacksaw blade, Senator Durbin.

In New York City we want to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his friends in a civilian trial. Common criminals, not terrorists. How would you like to be selected for that jury? It’s pretty bad to be on a jury for a Tony Soprano trial, but to render judgment on KHM? What kinds of threats would you and your family get? How much security will be needed for this trial? Incremental cost, over and above a military trial at Gitmo. What will the cost be for NY to stage this.

Some say the families of victims of 9-11 deserve to be there for the trial. Plans were to have them there at Gitmo.

Major Hasan, not a terrorist, just a misguided soul who was harassed and feared deployment to Afghanistan. Allahu Akbar.

OK, I get it. There is no such thing as a terrorist. Those Islamic zealots who threatened people for drawing a cartoon that they don’t like, are just common criminals, like graffiti artists are expressing their talents on some one’s wall.

How absolutely dumb does the Obama administration and Dick Durbin think we are? Stop the bait and switch stuff. Stop spending millions of our tax dollars to keep a bad decision, closing Gitmo. Just say, I made a bad decision. Stop trying to trash Bush and Cheney at our expense, they are gone. Stop pandering to Muslim countries who will not hate us less or stop trying to kill us because of a soft approach to captured terrorists.

Instead, try harder to keep another Ft. Hood from happening. That I can endorse.

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