AARP Sells Out

November/05/2009 15:58PM
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The AARP which purports to represent senior like me has chosen to offer us no alternative but to dump them. Unlike congressman and the President who we can’t hold accountable until the next election, we can vote the AARP out today by sending our membership cards back. It is inconceivable that an organization that relies on seniors for existence would endorse the House Health Care Reform bill up for vote this week. Here is the weasel worded message from the AARP. “We can not continue to let insurers price older Americans out of the market just as we cannot stand idle while millions of seniors are forced to choose between their groceries and their prescriptions. AARP is proud to endorse the Affordable Health Care for America Act and the Medicare Physician Payment reform act, and we urge members of the House to pass this critical package in the coming days to help fix our broken health care system.”

Let’s see, are they addressing only the seniors between 50(AARP qualifying age) and 65(Medicare qualifying age)? Certainly none of the comment apply to those over 65. Those seniors are going to have their health care benefits cut. They will lose Medicare Preferred benefits. Plans are to cut up to $500 billion in cost from existing Medicare benefits. It’s a lose/lose situation for all of use over age 65.

Whey would the AARP do this? First, go to their web page and look at the make-up of the board of AARP. All are left-wing liberals. Ideology trumps clients. Second, the AARP insurance plans hope to benefit from the bill. I’m not sure they will, but the AARP people think they will. They feel strongly enough to sell seniors down the river in hopes of benefiting.

We have the AARP quote, let’s listen to a Reagan speech that goes back to 1961. This speech seems like it could have been made yesterday. Go to:

There are options to AARP, and I encourage all of you who are members of AARP who don’t support this decision by the AARP to consider one of those options.

AARP lost thousands of members when they were alluding to the idea of supporting some version of health care reform. Now, they stand to lose another large batch of members. Perhaps they didn’t notice the turnout by seniors at the Tuesday elections. Or, it they did, they don’t care. It’s like the NY Times. The Times is going out of business, but they will hold firm with their liberal bias until that day comes. Same with the AARP. If only 20% of Americans are liberals as polls show, the AARP is going to need 100 market share of that group who are seniors to keep their base. Good luck.

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