Understanding Liberals

October/19/2009 16:09PM
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The first group of liberals I totally understand. This is the group that intentionally depends on the government for everything. Regardless of the economy or job market, this group will be loyal to whomever will provide the most support of any kind.

The next group, I believe, wants to help those who are less fortunate. They think the government is the conduit to do that. They accept and will endorse some degree of income redistribution. I’m sure many in this group do other acts of kindness like volunteer work and charitable contributions. Personally, that is how I feel I can best help those in need. Most conservatives seem to share the liberals’ sense of charity, we just think the government is the worst possible collector and distributor to support good causes. ACORN comes to mind.

Then, there’s the Union Label. When you become part of a union, you have to swear a vow to liberal causes. You give your money to the union and the union gives it to the most liberal candidates to get support for union causes. That’s the way it is, the way it will always be in America.

There’s the intellectuals. The true egg heads and the pseudo egg heads. Like the guy who watches every Notre Dame game because he was raised Catholic, this is the group that all wants to be Ivy League by pedigree or by association. Supposedly, to qualify for this group you must be a true liberal. The theory is that the more education and the ivier the education one receives, the more liberal one must be. This is the snob liberal group. The group that detests Sarah Palin more than any other liberal group. The pseudo egg heads in particular. This group lives in Metro areas, thinks anyone who doesn’t is a rube, and may not even drive a car or own much but an inflated ego. Most who ascribe to this group are blatant phonies and wear their liberalism like a letter sweater worn by the team trainer. Too much exposure to this group an be dangerous to one’s health and require detox to regain common sense.

Finally, there’s the group that defies logic. The super rich, the debauched, and the all-powerful. This group seems to need salve for tender consciences. They seem to feel liberalism can be a substitute for religion and get the camel through the needle’s eye that will be needed to stamp their passports to heaven. They all have tax attorney’s who work tirelessly to keep their tax bill’s down. They want everyone else to sacrifice to liberal causes but that is where it stops with this group. Can you say Al Gore? Al wants the world to sacrifice to his growing wealth. Big Al has a huge carbon footprint, probably donates little to charity, and likely uses every tax dodge known to man. But, he wants and believes the deserves the support of the little guy at the same time he puts the screws to him. This is the new paradox of the liberal politician and thought leader.

Liberal politicians are torn between bowing at the altar of Gorism or keeping the little guy on their docket. Gorism will cause unemployment, higher prices, bigger utility bills, and many nasty side effects that will hurt the little guy. Liberals are facing a huge dilemma. Either they dump Gore or dump the little guy. Sooner or later the little guy will dump them if they stick with Big Al.

Gore’s platform is a big wedge that will split the liberals down the road.
Gore and the true ardent environmentalists want a nation of fewer people, less commerce, less consumption, fewer jobs, no blue collar jobs,smaller houses, and high energy costs. How many blue collar guys are signing up for that cruise?

The liberal movement in America has a virus and it’s slowly starting to make them sick. The harder they push Gore’s deal the sicker they will get. At some point, they must split or die. It’s a compatibility issue that can’t be fixed.

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