President Obama Wants to Buy You a Golf Cart

October/20/2009 17:07PM
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President Obama has become an avid golfer. During his summer vacation he played several rounds. His love for golf is a potential benefit for you and even a new business opportunity.

He will give you a $5,335 tax credit if you buy a golf cart. Go to to learn how you can take advantage of Obama’s love for golf. They advertise that you can buy a cart costing $7,999 and with the tax credit you will only pay $2,664 plus sales tax and shipping.

Unlike politicians, Americans are entrepreneurs. Golf cart leasing companies, those who lease carts to golf courses can make you a deal you can’t refuse. If you buy an $8,000 cart, they will lease it back from you and re-lease it to a golf course. They will let you participate in the monthly lease they get from the golf course. At the end of the lease they will pay you $2,000 for the used cart that cost you slightly more than that initially. You get the monthly lease from the golf course and never have to touch or drive the golf cart.

Is this a wonderful country or what? The cart costs a little more than a normal cart since the manufacturer has to add some features that qualify it as an on-road vehicle. Seat belts and roof reinforcement. That qualifies it for the government tax credit.

When the government went in the car business with GM and Chrysler, I never dreamed they would go in the golf cart business too.

How much abuse can you tolerate with your tax dollars. The titans of Wall Street who will get zillion dollar bonuses will now be able to save that money and buy a golf cart with your tax dollars. Or, worse yet, since their private clubs won’t let them own their own carts, they will just make more money by leasing out the cart you paid for.

And, you wonder why there are Tea Parties.

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