Media Obsession Obama’s Big Priority

October/22/2009 18:23PM
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Lily Tomlin once said: “being cynical is hard, there’s not enough time.” I’m trying really hard not to be cynical about much of the White House preoccupation about Fox News and the rest of the media that doesn’t sing from their choir book. Glen Beck is paranoid about it. Bill O’Reilly is perplexed. Dennis Miller is cynical.

How can a president who is falling apart in the ratings, has accomplished nothing in nine months, can’t make a decision on troops in Afghanistan, and can’t close Gitmo, find over 2 hours to meet with the left-wing media to talk strategy for dealing with the enemy?(Fox,Limbaugh) Why is this so important? Is it vanity and ego? Is it controlling the message? Is it spinning the lack of accomplishments through the media messages? You pick, but in fairness, I can’t think of one good positive reason for this meeting. Why should the president and his top advisers care if there are some who disagree with him? Poor President Bush had far more reason to care since he was under attack every day, but couldn’t or didn’t find the time to care.

I have a sincere concern that controlling the media message is top priority for this White House. And, the environment couldn’t be better for them to do just that. There are ideas being floated to make the media not-for-profit organizations. This is pre-planning to save those like the New York Times from extinction. They are far down the road to bankruptcy. If the only road to salvation runs through the White House, are you ever going to not do the bidding of the occupant of the White House? You control the media, you control the country.

Here’s my take. President Obama himself may not feel this is how he should be spending two hours of his scarce time this week. But, he is not calling the shots. Rahm Emmanuel and David Axlerod set the priorities. I believe Emmanuel is both insane and evil. His past record would support both charges. Axlerod is manipulative and very smart. After all, he got a community organizer elected president. The two of them want zero dissent in any media here in this country and they will do whatever it takes to insure that. They will use the full power of the FCC to limit any disagreement to their agenda. They have zero regard for any First Amendment Right, or any other Constitutional rights. They have their own version of the Constitution and it’s patterned after other Socialist movements that immediately shut off free speech as one of the first steps to eliminating dissent.

This is serious business and the hands that pull the puppet’s strings are not the kinds of hands we are accustomed to in this country. The media has never been more vulnerable to manipulation than they are today. They are dying by the numbers. Others are on life support. To quote Rahm Emmanuel, “never let a good catastrophe go to waste.” So, if you are the lifeline for the mainstream media who are going down for the third time, why not just tell them what to say. How can they do otherwise?

Losing free speech in America is not good. Letting government dictate to the press what they should say is not good. If I’m wrong, I apologize, but I can’t find a logical reason for all the concern about reasonable debate by media sources that dare to disagree with the President. Can you?

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