Marketing Socialism in America

October/14/2009 14:01PM
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This is a marketing exercise. As a retired marketing executive, if someone brought this product, Socialism, to me and asked me how to sell the product to the majority of Americans, this is how I would set the marketing strategy.

First, assess the competition, Capitalism, how do we take market share from Capitalism? Capitalism has been the product of choice for America since the Constitution framed the country with those freedoms. This is a big challenge to take the country from Capitalism.

The alternative product, Socialism, has a bad track record. It will be hard to get a majority of the public to buy the product. Statistics show only 35% of the buyers(voters) are Liberals, or those who favor Socialism. There is a big block of Independents who may lean toward Capitalism but could be convinced to buy the new product. This is the target market.

How do we gain share? First, we must create an economic disaster. Grow unemployment, destroy manufacturing, increase government spending to show how much we can help those we disabled. The more people we can make dependent on government spending, the more we gain.

Advertising is important. Since we own the media this works in our favor. We just feed them the right lines and they provide billions in free media time for Socialism.

Rebrand the product. Socialism as a brand, will never sell here. We will call it change and hope.

Next, work on the so-called thought leaders. Educators, Hollywood, the arts, and those who can influence children, university students, and those who don’t think for themselves. We have that now.

We must gain control of the levers that determine the direction the country takes. We have that now. We need a great communicator who can convince the buyers that Socialism( hope and change) is a better product than free enterprise and Capitalism. Remember, we can’t call it Socialism. Again, we have that now.

Now start pulling the levers. Regulation. Don’t let the free enterprise system work. Don’t let entrepreneurs do their thing. Regulate them. No drilling, no nuclear, no auto industry without the heavy hand of regulation, no mining, no heavy production, no chemical business, regulate, regulate, regulate. Wreak havoc on the financial sector, the one growing area of the GDP.

Create the nanny state. Get more and more Americans dependent on government. Grow government jobs. Increase government spending. Redistribute the wealth. Get the whole country dependent on the government for health care.

Blame all the fallout of this on Capitalism. Deflect the true causes since we have the media to help.

We have it. Despite long odds, we can turn this Queen Mary on a dime. Keep pulling the right levers. Just keep a wary eye on those damned Independents. They can still upset our apple cart. If they vote us out before we get everything in such a deplorable state that they need us, we’re home free.

There you have it. A foolproof marketing strategy to make the United States a Socialist country.

Are you buying?

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