Independent Party Growth

October/25/2009 16:30PM
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The New Jersey gubernatorial race is getting tighter since an Independent is drawing voters from both the incumbent Democratic governor and the Republican candidate who was way ahead in the polls weeks ago. Why are more Americans becoming Independents?

George W. Bush just about destroyed the Republican brand. His inability to communicate left him like a boxer in the corner being hammered and only able to hold his gloves in front of this face. Even when he had the economy humming along, he was unable to use this to his advantage to fend off the media attacks over Iraq. He freed millions of Muslims but Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing. Even now, as Obama continues to blame him for everything that’s gone wrong, he is defenseless. Cheney has to defend the record. President Bush is a fine man who did his best and tried to do the right thing for the country He was just in over his head.

Most thought the Republican Party might never recover from the damage done by Bush.

Obama looked like a sure thing for two terms. All he had to do was match his leadership skills with his communication skills and he was home free. The opposition was mortally wounded and recovery looked like a long process.

But a funny thing happened in just 10 short months. Obama is killing the Democratic Party. His far left views and far left friends are scaring the daylights out of far too many voters. He is becoming a problem for the Democrats who have to run for election in 2010. He remains in campaign mode and seems unable to do anything else. He seems to sense already he has lost the option for the next term and panic is setting in to push the far left agenda quickly. Cap and Trade, Health Care Reform, Card Check, and restraint of conservative talk radio and TV are top priorities.

The public has a different list of priorities. Unemployment is first and foremost. The deficit is next. Afghanistan is close behind. Getting the economy back on it’s feet trumps all the Obama priorities. Still he presses on with his list, but delegates it all to Congress. No real ownership of any of his key issues. Just give me something. He has made Washington a more partisan place than it was under Bush. He has been divisive. There are more active lobbyists now than ever before. There is an enemies list.

He is still running against George W. Bush. The public is not buying it anymore. It’s your watch, President Obama, and you aren’t living up to your potential or your promises. It took Bush 8 years to do that much damage to the Republican brand and you’ve matched it in 10 months.

Nancy Pelosi has an approval rating in her home district of 33%, down 12 points in the past 6 months. Will she and the other Democrats walk the plank for Obama in 2010?

The American public is tired of all of you. Behaving like you are royalty and ignoring the wishes of the people and doing more and more damage to the country with your partisan wars. You are coming off as boorish fools and your ratings show that. President Obama has the lowest approval rating of any president at this stage in his tenure since this poll was started. Congress is trying to go negative in the approval polls.

Will a real third party emerge from the ashes of all this? Probably not. But, if Obama doesn’t step up and show leadership on all fronts, there will be big changes in 2010. Purging his administration of fools, socialists, and goons might be a good first step. Surrounding himself with adults who behave like adults would help. Behaving like an adult himself is critical. We are tired of him using Bush for everything that’s gone wrong in the past 10 months. Creating an enemies list of all who disagree with you is not good.

Every day it looks more and more like you aren’t up to the job any more than Bush was. Your party will pay dearly for your shortcomings.

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