Health Care Reform is Making Me Sick

October/29/2009 17:00PM
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Nancy Pelosi stood before the cameras and announced this was a great moment in American history. The House has yet another health care reform bill that is a mere 1,000 pages. It will be available for the public to read for 72 hours. Something no one in the House bothered to do. Please read it at your leisure.

It, of course, has a public option. It, of course, does not have tort reform or the ability to buy across state lines. It, of course, does not offer a tax break for citizens who choose to buy their own insurance.

It does not allow buying across state lines because the Democrats fear states rights will gain strength based on that. They use Interstate Commerce to stifle states rights. They won’t allow tort reform because the trial lawyers have them in their pocket. They won’t allow tax relief for individuals since that might reduce the impact of the public option.

None are good reasons except for the Democratic self interest.

It, of course, accommodates every union demand. It, of course, accomodates every other special interest group. It will raise taxes to pay for the plan. According to Ms. Pelosi, it will not add one penny to the deficit. That, of course, is a blatant lie. The cost does not accommodate the $250 billion that needs to be paid to supplement Medicare costs. That was voted down this week and will just be handled as a separate item later. It assumes $500 billion in Medicare cost reductions. None of which will happen. It now insures 36 million uninsured Americans up from the earlier estimate of 18 million. Magical.

Coincidentally, the state of New York declared an emergency on the H1N1 flu with more dying and little vaccine. Rationing is the solution. As it is all over the country. Zero people over 65 can get the vaccine. Also a shortage of normal flu vaccine. Government running health care.

My daughter took my twin grand kids to the doctor for their normal checkups. The doctor has yet to see the first dose of H1N1 vaccine. The place was a zoo with so many sick kids.

There may be only one bit of good news in all of this health care reform work. The public is so sick of Congress and Obama they will all be voted out, or enough to stop this chicanery.

Just say it like it is. We, the Democratic party want to control all heath care in this country. We want to control everything in your lives. We don’t do it well, but that doesn’t matter, it’s what we want and we are going to do it whether you like it or not. We will lie, put forth bad numbers, put every special interest group’s requirements before yours, and we will jam it through despite pubic opinion and your opinion.

I don’t know the interval between contacting the H1N1 virus and getting the flu, but I do know the interval between this sideshow and the sickness. It’s one year. The time between today and the 2010 elections. There will one hell of a lot of sick Democrats at this time next year. No vaccine available. Sorry, you made us sick this year, next year it’s your turn.

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