Health Care Reform is Income Redistribution

October/12/2009 10:41AM
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If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck. All forms of health care reform being considered are simply another version of income redistribution. The only time Obama showed his hand on his true political agenda it almost cost him dearly. That was when poor old Joe the plumber asked the question no member of the defunct and brain dead media dared to ask. “Is your agenda really income redistribution?” Remember the Obama response, income redistribution is good for America.

Price Waterhouse did an audit of the Senate bill under debate. The audit showed the average household with health insurance will have to pay an average of $5,000 a year more for the same insurance to cover the costs in the bill. That is vs. doing nothing. The average individual $1,500 more. Again, vs. doing nothing. For what? To add a few million uninsured to the insured rolls. The senate bill still leaves 20 million uninsured.

Of course all bills are based on the premise that young people who don’t normally buy health insurance, even when offered by employers, will buy insurance. Whether they do or not will be based on the penalty for not buying vs. the cost to buy. If most choose to pay the penalty, which will be called a tax, since it is a tax, the costs set by Price Waterhouse will go up. If illegals are excluded they will continue to use the emergency rooms and the costs will go up. If the promised $500 billion in Medicare cuts don’t occur, the costs will go up.

Suddenly, the insurance industry, the AMA, and the hospitals have read the bills. They see the penalties are set too low and healthy people will pay the penalties vs. buy insurance. They see the cuts for doctors and hospitals in Medicare. They want off the train.

Watching congress put this health care reform together is like watching sausage made. Most people who enjoy sausage might enjoy it less if they had to watch it made. All the foibles of our elected officials are exposed in this process. Can’t put tort reform in since the trial attornies contribute so much money to the Democrats. Can’t let people buy insurance across state lines, since it might reinforce states’ rights and reduce Federal authority. Reid and Schumer, exempt their states from Medicaid cost increases in the bill. No one reads the bills. They refuse to pass a bill requiring them to post the bills on the Internet for 72 hours so we can read the bills the lazy fools don’t read.

Shams that insult our intelligence, like having white coats passed out to carefully selected doctors invited to the White House, presuming that will sway our opinions prevail.

Taxing insurance companies to fund the reform without acknowledging it will be passed through is commonplace.

You see, none of this matters. This is simply another version of income redistribution. You must give up some of your assets to the government so they can allocate them as they see fit. Sorry.

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