Health Care Reform and the H1N1 Vaccine

October/17/2009 7:40AM
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The government’s handling of the H1N1 vaccine is just another example of what we can expect if President Obama gets control of every one’s health care.

First, it’s late. Due over a month ago, it’s just now getting here. Next, it’s not being delivered in the quantities ordered, hence vaccinations will be allocated by government formula. Meanwhile, people are dying. Relax, it’s how things will be working all across the board with Obamacare. You will wait to get treated. You will fall in line based on some government formula. And, many will die waiting.

Worse yet, over 50% of Americans polled won’t take the H1N1 vaccine. Why? They don’t trust the government to make a vaccine that won’t give them something worse than the H1N1 virus. What does that really say about our trust in government?

Like health care reform, we hear our politicians, who are designing a health care system that will destroy what we have; tell us they have the answer. The answer is some new plan put together by lackeys in the past 60 days that gives something to everyone. Unions won’t have to pay the tax on Cadillac plans. Nevada and New York won’t get stuck with big Medicaid bills to accommodate Reid and Schumer. No tort reform to appease the trial lawyers. Who knows what it gives Snowe for her treason. Of course, no one voting for this will be using it. They will keep their Cadillac plans and not pay a tax to keep it.

The H1N1 vaccine trust issue could have been fixed very simply. We should use the entire political population in Washington like guinea pigs. Hit them with the vaccine 6 months before it is introduced to the general public. If all survive, none get the flu, and it worked, don’t fret there will be new illnesses and new viruses and maybe one day there will be a glitch, like we all worry about with any government plan, and we will finally have term limits.

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