Will Letterman Kiss Obama Monday Night?

September/19/2009 8:41AM
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Our president, turned TV celebrity, will be the only guest on the Letterman Show Monday night. One glorious hour to watch the country’s most liberal comedian chat with the country’s most liberal politician. The pandering and drooling will be astonishing. Since Letterman has never done one Obama joke, this will assure three more years of Letterman doing Bush jokes or bad taste Palin jokes. Seems a small price for Obama to pay to get immunity from Letterman for three years.

It seems like a busy TV three days for the president. Five shows on Sunday morning and then a live hour of Letterman on Monday night. The presidency seems like a part-time job for this president. He’s full-time on TV. Letterman may be where he’s best suited, since he’s becomming a joke himself, a bad joke. So much so that Conan O’Brien has started Obama jokes. When the ratings get so low, Mr. President, you lose the halo.

You can go on 5 shows a day and pitch your health care reform and it won’t help, Mr. President. Suddenly you are dealing with a change that requires substance and you have tons of style and no substance. You can’t explain your health care reform plan because you don’t have one. Your goal is to win. Not to sit down and craft something you have passion for and can explain to the public with that passion.

Frankly most of us have long ago grown weary of your Karaoke speeches. We are watching your deeds. We see you stick it to our allies and break promises over the missile shield and get nothing in return from the Russians and we see they think you are a patsy. We see you raise tariffs on Chinese tires and we know the unions have you in their pocket. We see you put examples in your speeches that prove to be untrue and we worry that your have fools for speech writers. And, Mr. President none of this criticism has anything to do with race. It has to do with bad judgment and poor leadership.

You aren’t selling Vegamatics to the public, you are trying to sell a very big change to a public that doesn’t want your very big change. Over 80% say they are happy with their health care. You are trying to get enough support in your own party to ram it through and they are listening to people back home and getting the idea that you are becomming a political liability to them. A very bad rash.

Sleep well, Mr. President, you will always have the support of Letterman and probably all those who interviewed you for your Sunday shows. It’s just the other 300 million you need to worry about. By the way, many of them stopped watching Letterman months ago. And, many don’t watch the networks that pander to you. Maybe you are only talking to the smitten believers who want health care reform, all 20% of them. That’s a lot of work for nothing.

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