Rigging the 2010 Census

September/27/2009 20:07PM
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First, the Obama team moves the census from the Commerce Department, resulting in the resignation of the Secretary of Commerce, directly to the purview of the always trusty Rahm Emmanuel. Big signal number one.

They take a big hit when ACORN goes down. With their help, the population could have risen 100,000,000, all in Democratic areas. That had to hurt. But, don’t despair, another front organization with another name will be there when it’s time to do the work. How will Emmanuel rig the census?

The Constitution says the government must do an “actual enumeration” a real headcount for the census. Emmanuel wants to do “statistical Sampling’ instead of headcounts. Why follow the Constitution? This is now Obamaland.

Emmanuel learned this is Chicago. The cradle of vote early, vote often.

How will they justify “statistical sampling”? The rationale is based on the idea that minorities don’t answer the door to census takers.

Remember, Emmanuel is the guy who stood up at a dinner after Clinton’s election and grabbed a steak knife and shouted dead, dead, dead, each time plunging the steak knife into the table. He was killing those who disagreed.

Obviously, this is a ploy to pad populations in heavy Democratic areas and gain electoral power.

If you don’t trust Rahm with the census you had better brace for the idea of “statistical sampling”. It’s coming.

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