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September/26/2009 19:54PM
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Newest move on Health Care Reform, Congress is being told by Rambo( Rahm Emmanuel) to ram it through. Isn’t it nice to know that your health care future is being rammed? Pressure is being put on insurance companies not to send their customers information about health care reform. This is just basically illegal. Congress decided this week that the will not publish the final version to the public before it goes up for vote. Basically, the rationale, we wouldn’t understand it.

Republicans got more campaign contributions than Democrats for the first time in years the past few months. They now have a bigger war chest than the always campaign rich Democrats. It’s crap like the moves above on health care reform that are filling the coffers for Republicans who will be running in 2010.

Health care reform on the clock. Get this done for Obama. Not for the public, not for the people who don’t have health insurance, not for the sick who can’t get insurance, just ram it through because Obama wants it done. Don’t worry about getting it right. Don’t do any other important business. Just cram and ram this through.

Pushed hard by slime balls like Dick Durbin, who voted not to withdraw funds from ACORN, it’s coming to a head.

Before you Democrats on that swat team ram the door down, just remember 80% of Americans are happy with their health care now.You do the numbers. You are going to upset 80% with the ram and please one president.

Better step back and give it more thought before you follow the directives from the Big Office.

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