Heads We Win, Tails We Win

September/01/2009 15:40PM
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Democrats in Massachusetts are showing America why we have begun to detest and distrust our elected officials. The voters in Massachusetts don’t count. Only the needs of the party.

In 2004 when Kerry was running for president the Democrats feared Mitt Romney, then governor, would name a Republican as Kerry’s replacement if Kerry won the election. No doubt this is what Romney would have done. Of course, in Illinois last year, Governor Blogojevich was going to name whomever paid him the most. Massachusetts Democrats could not abide that happening. So, they passed a law requiring a special election to fill the vacancy. It seems like the right answer, let the people decide. Got done for the wrong reason, but a good result.

Now, with the death of Ted Kennedy the Democrats in the Senate need that vote and can’t wait for a special election which might not happen before 1-19-10, the date set by the governor. Heaven knows some unpopular bills like health care reform and cap and tax may need that critical vote to pass. So, they want to go back to the law they repealed, let the governor name the interim senator.

There is no shame in American politics today. One might think the outcry by the rest of the country and even Massachusetts voters might be embarrassing. The cries of hypocrisy might not be worth having a seat to cast votes for 5 months. Maybe, God forbid, the voters in Massachusetts may be mad and will not vote in the automatic Democrat. Not likely, but possible.

Is it no wonder there are Tea Parties and upheaval at Town Hall Meetings?

Temptations to meddle with the 22nd Amendment have happened with Reagan and Clinton. But no one did it. This behavior and the low poll numbers for congress tend to make one ask again, why not term limits for congress? Instead of voting them all out like Japan just did, let’s get term limits so the incumbent with the big campaign war chest can’t keep buying the seat. For life, like Ted Kennedy did.

Keep watching what happens in Massachusetts, will they do the right thing and live with the law they put in just 5 years ago, or will they insult all of us and rig the deal?

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