Dental Health Reform

September/17/2009 5:50AM
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Why stop with health care reform as now defined by Obama? Let’s have dental health reform too. They do in the UK. PETA will insist on animal health care reform. We have thousands of mentally ill living on the streets who need mental health. Let’s have mental health care reform.

Please President Obama, don’t stop where you plan to stop. Take us all the way to the big Nanny State. We all want teeth like the British.

Where does it stop? It doesn’t stop where this proposal stops. The Brits didn’t stop it there. They did the universal dental health care too. But, no one wants to talk about that. Why?

You’ll love this. They couldn’t put any teeth in the plan. The majority of dentists in the UK won’t honor the plan. If you want them to work on your teeth, you pay. The few who do have two things in common. They aren’t the best dentists and they are still far too busy to get in to see them. So, the rest of the world makes jokes about the state of the Brit’s teeth.

As we reel out the entitlements, why should pets living with poor people get little or no veterinary care? Let’s fix that problem with universal pet care. PETA can show statistics that more pets in low income homes get euthanized. That should get the ball rolling.

The third point, mental health reform, is one I can almost support. Why have the same proponents of big government control let the mental health care get the state it’s in today? I have a friend who’s brother has suffered from schizophrenia for over 50 years. He rotates from the street to the hospital to jail. Our mental health system truly needs reform. My friend worries that some day his brother may kill someone or be killed. But, he can’t get him committed and the brother will never be cured to live any life other than the one the lives. Let’s put this problem at the back of the line and solve it in the future.

Here’s my point. Health care reform, if passed, is just the start. There are other issues just waiting to be nationalized. We will be taking the first big step to becomming something we aren’t.

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