September/10/2009 20:30PM
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By now many of you have seen the video made by the young couple who visited the Baltimore branch of ACORN. They were posing as a prostitute and a pimp. ACORN gave them advice about the business and how to deal with the IRS and bringing underage women across the border to put in the trade.

Lot’s of things bother me about this story. The people from ACORN in the video have been fired. Just as the people in Salt Lake City were fired for election fraud. First issue I have is the tax dollars that are flowing into ACORN. Could be as much as $8 billion dollars. Next issue, why isn’t the mainstream media covering this story? Third, and last, why isn’t there a congressional investigation on ACORN? Where is the Attorney General on this?

ACORN is going to participate in the next census. Does that bother anyone?

Is ACORN a criminal enterprise? If so, why are they receiving tax dollars? Based on the Baltimore video, one would think so.

What are the ties to ACORN with the Obama administration?

Where is 60 minutes on ACORN? Shouldn’t someone be storming their offices like Mike Wallace used to do and demanding answers?

Where are the undercover journalists from the New York Times? Why did it take a couple of 20 something year old amateurs to dig up the dirt? And, after dug up, why only Fox News runs the video?

What kind of country are we in where a president of the United States was once affiliated with ACORN, relied on ACORN to get elected president, and hands out billions to ACORN? A criminal organization.

Is ACORN much different from the mob? They used strong-armed tactics to get banks to make sub prime loans. They participate in election fraud. Do they run a meth lab or labs?

As a taxpayer don’t you deserve to know the answer to this question? You aren’t going to get it from the mainstream media. You aren’t going to get it from your president. You aren’t going to get it from the dormant Republican Party. You sure aren’t going to get it from the Democrats. Your Attorney General may do pro bono legal work for them. Rahm Emmanuel is counting on them to rig the census so there are more minority voters for the next election.

So who delivers the truth about ACORN? The Internet, right wing talk radio, Glen Beck, Fox News, and two courageous kids.Do you help? I suggest you write your elected officials and demand an investigation. Keep the form letter response you get back. It may help put a few elected officials in jail down the road.

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