Skeptics Coming out of Closets on Climate Change

August/02/2009 10:32AM
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It isn’t just because we had the coolest July in decades in Chicago, or one day that was the coldest for over 70 years, no, that wouldn’t bring out the deniers. It’s because the earth’s temperature has flat-lined since 2001 despite growing concentrations of CO2.

Countries all over the world are jumping off the Gore bandwagon. Will this delay Al’s plan to amass a billion in net worth on the backs of taxpaying fools all over the world? Could be, stay tuned. Al’s got a lot of eggs in this basket, really, he’s not eating these eggs, and some many crack soon. If cap and tax doesn’t go through this year, it may never happen. China and India are not going to play the game. Seems they have scientists who are not afraid to be scientists. Not encumbered to their governments for jobs, grants, and future wealth. They speak their mind and they aren’t buying the hoax.

Poland published a document decrying the science. The Czech Republic says only 11% of their people buy the idea. New Zealand elected a new government which suspended the weeks-old cap and tax program. Dr. Kiminori Itoh, a Japanese environmental physical chemist dubs man-made warming” the worst scientific scandal in history”. Norway’s Nobel Prize winner for physics, Ivar Giaever, decries it as a “new religion”

Senator Jim Inhofe, Oklahoma, says there are more than 700 scientists who disagree with the Gore/UN position on man-made global warming. That is 13 times the number who wrote the UN document establishing climate for policymakers.

Facts are facts, even for sleazy scientists who have their hand out, who worship at the foot of this belief, or are just plain afraid to take an unpopular position, can only deny the flat temperatures so long. Al Gore, on the other hand, can show us that same glacier breaking loose time and time again. Or, the two polar bears on the ice floe over and over. Al, after all has a goal. It’s to parlay this into a cool billion.

To most of these people, screwing up our economy means nothing. Adding $2,500 a year to your utility and fuel bills, so what?

To Obama and his troops, it means more power. If they can get a little pool of a trillion dollars to play with, they can do some fun things. If it came out of your pocket and nothing good came of it, that’s just the way things work in Washington.

This cap and tax thing is coming unglued all over the world. Australia just refused it and their prime minister, Kevin Rudd, wanted it badly. It won’t be back to be implemented until 2011 at the earliest. Watch Europe closely, especially France, they may be getting off the train too. Gee, if France opts out, doesn’t Obama have to bail too, since he wants to make us just like France.

If it flops, and it might, companies like GE, will pay dearly. They have bet the farm on this happening and their farm is getting smaller and smaller. Where’s Jack Welch when they need him? Goldman Sachs, they would make billions from cap and tax and pay no taxes back. They would be hanging crepe for months. It’s always nice to know who would benefit from a bad plan. You can watch to see how they defend their turf.

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