Obama Has Lost Control

August/18/2009 14:20PM
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Every poll show the problem the president is creating for his office. One polls shows 72% of the people polled don’t believe he is telling the truth. Another show 78% of the public want the stimulus money back. Suddenly, the public is learning the critical difference between style and substance. They have a quick case of buyer’s remorse. The man they elected is not up to the job.

On the other hand, the man they elected is finding out for the first time he can’t fix all his problems with speeches. He can’t delegate everything and expect it to work. He can’t run this country with a singular goal. The goal is to take this country to socialism as fast as possible regardless of the price. Don’t bother him with the details. Doesn’t care.

And he can’t take defeat. He will learn it’s a bitter experience and how he responds will determine whether it gets better or worse.

He can’t talk in generalities and sell his platform. He has his Iraq brewing in Afghanistan. More troops, more deaths, more money, more time.

Obama’s inexperience in managing a large organization is showing. He has people he trusts that he needs to expunge. Pelosi is toxic. He needs to distance himself from her. Rahm Emmanuel is insane. He needs more temperate help in that job. Someone who has been there and done that. He needs to slow it down. Losing health care reform will be the first of a lot of losses.

When this president was President of Harvard Law, when two sides argued issues before him, each side thought he favored them. Until he made a decision, they both thought they won. He has a great capacity to orate in such general terms that everyone thinks he favors them. This works well in a campaign, but doesn’t work when trying to sell health care reform. If you have listened to any of his town hall meetings on this subject, you have no idea what he wants with his vision of health care reform. This allows him to claim victory with any bill that he gets.

This makes him come off over time as being uninvolved with real work. Just deliver something. I don’t care what you bring me. Just get it done.

Big changes must come from the top. The main man must spell out why we need the change and describe the vehicle that will deliver us. His rationale for the need for change is not believable. He says we must do it to save the economy. But, his own budget office says it will drive costs up. So he loses everyone on the first requirement to drive change.

President Obama overestimated his power. He believed his own media love and undying support. He failed to realize there is a big country out here and many Americans want more than speeches Speeches that grow hollow over time. Deeds and results are what we want.

Shut your pie hole Mr. President and start delivering the results. If you don’t Hillary will resign before the end of the year and start her campaign. I think Bill started that last week.

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