Government Death Panels or Local Hospice?

August/15/2009 9:44AM
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Sarah Palin labeled the end-of-life proposals in the health care reform bills government death panels. God bless her little heart, it sure got the attention of the proponents of the reform bills. It gets the attention of anyone over 65 or anyone with a parent or grandparent over 65. That probably only covers 90% of the population.

Local news ran a story last night on Cash for Clunkers. They cannot find a car dealer in this metro market who has gotten a check back from the government for the rebate. It’s all on faith. They did find hundreds of returned requests denied for incomplete paperwork or errors. Isn’t this what our government bureaucrats do best? Deny. They pour over every claim for everything to find a reason not to cut a check. The bonus program must be based on how many Americans they can frustrate to brag that they denied another legitimate claim.

So, when we are reminded of the decision Obama says his grandmother faced when she needed hip replacement with terminal cancer, and they did the hip replacement, and she was fine for a short time, then went downhill and died, who decides whether to do the hip replacement under Obamacare? The death panel. If they decide no, no hip replacement. But, by the time they decide, Obama’s grandmother is dead. What if the issue is open heart surgery, not hip replacement for a 75 year old with no other health issues? Maybe a month or more to get an answer from the death panel. Too late.

In recent years doctors have worked with patients, family members, and local hospices to arrange end-of-life decisions. I can’t recall a recent drawn-out health situation with friends and family where hospice doesn’t get involved at the appropriate time. In most cases the family asks, no flowers, please make donations to hospice. Everyone who gets involved with hospice can’t say enough about the way they played their part in making end-of-life work end as well as it possibly can.

No one has asked how this would work now under the seven different health care reform bills being considered, but I am. I don’t want a death panel for me or any of my friends or family run by my incompetent government. The one that can’t pay dealers the money they owe in weeks. I don’t want the government to mess with a hospice program that works better than anything the government runs. People speak all they have to say about hospice with their donations. They speak all they have to say about government with their poll ratings of 10% approval.

Look, this whole health care reform has become a game. It might as well be Michigan vs. Ohio State in football. Obama wants it done for him, win one for the Barack. Republicans want it killed for them, win one for Michael Steelhead. It has nothing to do with what’s best for any American.

China put a stimulus bill in place about the same time Obama did. They are going great guns. Why? No pork, no crap, no special interests, no parceling it out to 300 Democratic districts. Just put the shovels in the ground and go. And, going it is. Obama showed no leadership on how this money was to be spent. He is showing the same on health care reform. He has no position whatsoever. Just move us closer to Socialism.

I hope Obama needs to call hospice in on his health care reform. It’s looking that way. But, Obama has the numbers and threatens to use them regardless of public opinion. He will get some watered down version of what is being proposed. If he does it will taste like ashes. It will be the equivalent of this grandma’s new hip. He will feel good for a short time, but it will kill him. He will have no one happy, but him. The left will be mad, the right will be mad, and the people who have to deal with whatever comes of this will be madder.

A good leader would step back now and say, I’m in this for the long haul. I think I’ll back away from this deal and tell the public I heard them. But, this is a game and this is a good campaigner, not a good leader, and his massive ego and that of Rhambo will take over and he will cheat to win. A hollow victory for him, a terrible defeat for Democrats who must run in 2010, and a big win for the GOP.

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