Cap And Trade-A Tax Increase

August/28/2009 17:07PM
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The National Chamber of Commerce has requested a trial on the issue of global warming. Why? President Obama has declared it a given. He declared Heath Care Reform a given. He still does.

The businesses represented by the Chamber of Commerce want more proof than a statement from Obama that global warming is a problem and one that can be corrected by methods such as cap and trade.

Do you trust your government? The same government that would write a trillion dollar Health Care Reform bill and never read the bill. What is their goal on health care reform? To give greater power to central government. What is the goal on cap and trade, to give greater power to central government. To give the central government a huge treasure chest of your dollars to spend on cash for clunkers and other ways to enhance their legacy with their constitutients.

Pundits are calling a trial on global warming a Snopes trial. Maybe so. But, why not? Obama has failed to make the case for health care reform. Why assume he can for global warming? It is no different than the argument over evolution. If cap and trade passes, it will cost Americans millions of jobs and serious damage to the economy. Like health care, it isn’t working in Europe. Why bring it here?

For eighteen months I have written about the energy issues facing the US from the perspective of a retired oil executive. I have watched as billions have been squandered on bad ideas that were to lead us to energy independence. We are deeper in the hole despite the billions and billions of your tax dollars intended to fix our energy problem. Those of us from the energy fields know just how ignorant politicians are about energy. We know how politics have kept us from doing intelligent things we could have done to make us energy independent for far less than the money squandered.

A friend sent my a copy of a speech that Keith O. Rattie gave before the Utah Valley University on 4-2-09. The link below will take you to that speech. I encourage all of you to go there and read Mr. Rattie’s speech. I fully endorse every point made by Mr. Rattie. Mr. Rattie has spent his career in the energy business and speaks from a point of understanding. He backs his points with facts. You are to accept global warming on consensus science, whatever that may be. You are to be embarrassed to question the validity of global warming. It’s to be accepted as a given.

I believe it’s far from a given. After reading Mr. Rattie’s speech, maybe you will have some more facts to debate global warming with those who have accepted it as a religious belief.

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