Barney Frank Says it All

August/20/2009 18:23PM
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In his town hall meeting Barney Frank tells one constituent he would rather have a conversation with his dining room table than her. He asked her what planet she was from. Rush Limbaugh says, “we all know Barney is from Uranus.”

When did we make these clowns kings? Where do they get off insulting the people who hired them? Barney’s behavior was inexcusable. He was saying you voters are too stupid to know what’s good for you. Shut up and let us do what you need to have done. Any questions which challenged Barney’s position was out of bounds. Greeted with a sneer and an insult.

The sad thing is they all believe this. Barney is just stupid enough to dish it out.

This is exactly why we can’t let health care reform happen. These arrogant fools want more and more control. They have trashed everything the Constitution stood for and want more power. There is nothing in the Constitution to allow the government to decide where you should get health care. They know, if challenged, they can get the courts to uphold their programs. The courts have aided and abetted the rape of the Constitution and your liberties.

Almost none of the politicians who have held town hall meeting have handled them well. They don’t want to listen. They want to lecture. They should just put up the easel paper and take the questions. Any meeting facilitator can tell a leader, that’s how you diffuse anger. Then, take the questions one by one and try to answer. That’s the real problem. None of them have answers. They just want the public to buy health care reform without details. Trust us. One again we know what’s best for you.

Will Barney be reelected? Probably. Why? He delivers the pork for the folks back home. I guess the price of pork is to be degraded in public by a hired hand. Arrogance? No, way beyond that. Wiping his feet on the poor people who need him so badly. Pork lets you overlook the damage he did to the economy, the insulting manner, even the lover who was an executive a Fannie Mae when it was all hitting the fan. Our tolerance for incompetence and arrogance makes these people feel invincible. It begets bad behavior.

All of them need much more of the honest treatment they have been receiving at the town hall meeting. How about the cowards who don’t even hold a town hall meeting? How about the congressman from Illinois, Bill Foster, who had his town hall meeting while on vacation in Israel?

The American public is growing weary of the Barney Frank act. There will be hell to pay in 2010. These wounds are not going to heal by then.

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