60,000 AARP Members Can’t Be Wrong

August/18/2009 19:50PM
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So far 60,000 AARP members have cancelled membership since the AARP backed Obamacare. These wise seniors realize the proposed health care reform will be financed on the backs of the elderly. How many more cancellations will be needed before the management is changed?

Will it take all 40 million to cancel to get their attention? Go to the AARP web site and look at the backgrounds of the management and the board of directors. It will tell you all you need to know.

The CEO is A. Barry Rand who distinguished himself as a leader of social change in some of our nation’s largest corporate and educational institutions. An African American who has pushed social change is not going to put AARP members before Obama.

The President hails from San Francisco. She is Jennie Chin Hansen. She, too is strong on liberal causes. I will give you 10,000 to one odds she voted for Obama.

The rest of the board is comprised of the likes of Hubert Humphrey III, guess we know his ideology. Then there are 6 professors. Since 80% of professors in the U.S. are liberal we can guess their posture.

Here’s a flash to all you AARP members. You might as well have the board of directors of the New York Times as your AARP board. Until now, it might not have made a difference.

But, here they disenfranchise you for their ideology. They cannot support your wishes to have Medicare as you have known it. They must support their president and their party. That comes first. It’s just like your elected officials. They are supposed to support you. But, they put special interests and their political futures first.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that the AARP made Harry Belafonte the “man of the Year”. Harry is the man who said “Bin Laden didn’t come from the abstact. he came from somewhere, and if you look where you’ll see America’s hand of villainy.” He proclaimed Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice are slaves with the privilege of living in the house of the master, exactly the way the master intended to have you serve him.”

I don’t need to get discounts at motels bad enough to support these people who support everything I detest.

This board and this leadership will not get the message until the cancellations hit 5 million. Alternative groups have had 70,000 new members since all this started. There are choices. One is American Seniors Association. If you send a torn AARP card they will give you a free membership year. You can enroll on line at their web site at Americanseniors.org. If you want to be betrayed, stay with the AARP, but if you resent this, quit.

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