The Truth About Tort Reform in Health Care

July/31/2009 0:41AM
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No health care reform bill under consideration has any tort reform provision. Why? Doesn’t it seem logical that efforts to reduce health care reform would address tort reform? I had dinner with a doctor last night. He said his malpractice insurance bill was $500,000. He also said he would quit practicing medicine if he has to work for the government.

What’s the sticking point on tort reform? Money, of course. The trial lawyers have the Democrats in their pocket. Want proof?

In 2008 the lawyers and law firms. gave $233 million in political donations to the campaign. Of that, $178 million went to Democrats.

If health care reform is designed by a Democratic congress, there will be no tort reform.

The doctor made another point. The administrator at the hospital where he practices makes $1 million a year. Just like the educational system in this country, the cost structure in top heavy. Too many chiefs paid too much money. Chiefs who treat no one and simply shuffle paper. Or, take time from the doctors and nurses by requesting reports to cover their asses. These guys are like the government flakes will be if health care reform happens. Bureaucrats who add nothing and subtract everything. Most doctors hate these people.

So, as the August “political campaign” for health care reform kicks in and all the air time is bought by both sides and the debate rages, make sure you tell your elected officials you are demanding tort reform be a part of any health care reform. You can try to hide the truth, but this truth needs to be exposed. Americans should not care how much money the attorneys kicked into the pockets of politicians, they should be expected to do the right thing for the public. The right thing is tort reform.

And, if you belong to AARP write them and tell them their support of health care reform will result in you dropping your membership. The doctor said the AMA is run by idiots and it appears the AARP is too.

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