The Canary is Breathing Hard

July/15/2009 18:55PM
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Coal miners used to take a canary into the mines. If the canary died, it was time to head for the surface. Right now, it appears that some Democrats are sensing the canary is getting green around the beak.

Party unity only goes so far. Political survival is key. It has been reported that several Democrats up for re-election in 2010 are getting lots of heat from back home. Cap and Trade and Universal Health Care seem to be the source of the heat. Suddenly, there is an indication they make break ranks with the President. While his personal popularity is still OK, the polls show his politics and policies are not faring so well. That may bode well for Obama, but not for his minions.

Too many Democrats and Independents feel the Stimulus Bill is a barometer of big spending bill that get rammed through at the 11Th hour. A $700 billion dollar fiasco that no lawmaker read. Even President Obama is hedging on the success of the stimulus package.

Unemployment is still going up. People unemployed are unemployed longer. Goldman Sachs took the TARP money then announced a huge quarterly profit. Fifty-two blue dog Democrats, Democrats from the South, Democrats from the heartland are getting worried.

CIT, the biggest lender to small business took over $2 billion in TARP money and may file bankruptcy if the government doesn’t throw some more money their way. The Fed has put out $3 trillion in loans in the past few months and they refuse to tell congress where the money went. Time Magazine, like Oprah’s defunct magazine that had her on the cover every month, has had Obama on the cover almost every issue, questioned the stimulus success this week. It was as close to being an attack on Obama as we have seen from the mainstream media.

The air around Obama is getting foul. The canary is about to fall off the perch. The faithful Democrats, Obama is finding, are only loyal to their own survival. If their constituents keep inundating them with phone calls and mail telling their Representatives and Senators that they aren’t going to drink anymore Obama Kool-aid and they are not going to vote for anyone who does, they will be exiting the coal mine and save their collective asses.

If you are totally discouraged about what is going on in Washington, take heart. Keep your eye on the canary. When it drops to the bottom of the cage, the party is over for President Obama. Hopefully it will die on an old issue of the New York Times, which is only good for collecting canary discharge in the bottom of a bird cage.

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