President Obama and Stinky Fryer

July/20/2009 19:36PM
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Johnny(Red) Kerr, the late announcer for the Chicago Bulls used to quote his old friend Stinky Fryer. When the Bulls would get behind early in a game, Red would say, “my old friend Stinky Fryer always said, early ripe, early rotten.”

President Obama, a big basketball fan, surely heard this quote many times. He ripened early on the vine, and seems to be becomming pretty rotten, pretty quickly. The plum is becomming a raisin.

Everything is suddenly turning against him on a dime. He went too fast and went too far left. He is going to be jerked back like a rubber band. The public is on to the man. He is floating above everything with an agenda that is too ambitious and too radical.

The damage started with the stimulus bill. He signed it without knowing or caring about the details. A very dangerous act. He has to live with the results. They are not good. So much money spent for things that make absolutely no sense or do nothing to fix the broken economy. It’s his bill. It is hurting him big time. His job approval poll numbers are sinking fast.

He is starting to scare the Democrats who have to run in 2010. The health care bills(3) that are being churned out in congress are hitting the ice bergs. Governors see $200 billion of incremental medicaid expense headed their ways with no money.

India told Hillary to pound sand with her cap and trade program. The Secretary of Commerce went on record this week to suggest we should pay the cap and trade cost for China to get them to reduce their carbon emissions.

He wants to cram a 1,000 page Health Care Bill through, unread, because he knows it won’t past muster if it isn’t crammed. This act is getting old.

His spending is getting through also. He seems to have no interest in understanding or controlling spending. To the contrary, he seems to want to have a blank check to spend whatever he wants to spend without being accountable to explain the consequences.

Mr. President, you can still avoid getting rotten. To do that you need to change and change quickly. You need to turn right and turn right quickly. You need to show a modicum of interest in the huge spending bills you are jamming through congress. You need to make good on the bi-partisan pledge you made as a candidate. You need to replace reckless behavior with thoughtful behavior.

Once rotten, you will not be picked. Psst, Hillary is waiting in the wings.

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