I’m Counting the Lies

July/19/2009 15:45PM
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President Obama, you can tell all the lies you choose. It’s still a free country, for how long I’m not sure, but until you destroy that too, it still is. So, spread all the blarney you wish to spread. But, beware, some of us are keeping track.

I know I’ve missed many, but here are my highlights.

You said you would eliminate the horde of lobbyists in Washington. You tried hard to do that by appointing so many to your cabinet and staff, but by last count the lobbyist business has never been bigger and better in Washington. No recession in that business.

You said you would bring bi-partisan politics to an end in Washington. You made one trip down to congress and reminded them that you won and they lost. Then you started cramming bills down on them in double time not even giving them a chance to read any. Nice job Mr. President.

You said you would bring earmarks to an end. The stimulus bill and the revised budget had a minimum of 8,000 earmarks combined. Nice job, again, Mr. President.

You said you would close Gitmo but you can’t. You don’t know how.

You said the stimulus bill would bring unemployment down. It was 8% when you said that. It’s 10.5% now, growing and Michigan reached 15% in June. You tried to say it was saving jobs, but you can’t cite any data to support your claim.

You say your proposed health care plan will save the economy. But, your congressional budget office says it will cost $1.5 trillion in ten years. You said you would cut taxes for all Americans who make less than $200,000 a year but to finance your proposed health care plan, you will break that promise.

You say cap and trade will only cost $700 per year per household, another tax increase I might mention, but most experts put that number closer to $2,000 per year.

Your word is sinking like the economy. Worth little in a very short time.

Worse yet, it’s what you didn’t say that’s hurting you more. As a candidate you neglected to mention that your goal was to make America into France in your first six months in office. Most Americans don’t have the same perspective about the greatness of France that you seem to have. A socialist democracy that doesn’t work isn’t part of the American dream. Only recently we refused to call french fries, french fries, since we dislike France so much. If you liked the French political model so much, you might have told us that in the primaries when you were running against Hillary.

Making us a country where taxes will be a high as 75% in the top bracket, higher than France, and as many as 50% of Americans will not only pay no taxes but get a refund was not in your campaign rhetoric. But, we now know it should have been. It was always your plan. You could have said clearly ” I plan to put half the country on welfare”. You even put me on welfare with your cheesy $400 refund. Believe me, Mr. President it will take a lot more than that to buy your political program.

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