An America I Don’t Recognize

July/08/2009 16:42PM
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I’ve grown to believe I don’t know my country anymore.

A country where a pop star who lived a bizarre life, to say the least, dominates the mainstream media news for 10 days. Blotting out big news about a cap and trade bill that could impact everyone. Causing a parent to ask why her son who died in battle gets no attention and a freak can’t get enough.

A country where Stuart Smalley(Al Franken), a second-rate comedian is a US senator . A man who failed in trying to start a flaming far left- wing radio program because he was too bellicose and insulted listeners. A man who can now cast the deciding vote to pass trash like cap and trade and universal health care, or even a third stimulus bill.

A country where a congressman from NY can’t question the media frenzy on Michael Jackson without being branded a bigot.

A country where a respected governor and vice-presidential candidate can be disrespected daily by the media and the left and no one cares. But, disrespect the freak King of Pop and woe to you.

A country that is sinking into bankruptcy and the big news is the freak.

A country that is watching California go broke and wants to do everything California has done to go broke.

A country with rich energy resources that can’t use them and is tilting at windmills and stopping every effort to save itself from running out of economic energy.

A country that has been the envy of the world that now wants to adopt the politics of failure that other countries that envy us used to fail.

A country whose government can’t run anything that now wants to run everything.

A country that has brave men and women fighting on two fronts and no one cares. These should be the stories we see, not the failures of idols with feet of clay.

A country that is losing it’s way faster every day. Priorities set by blathering idiots in the media, Hollywood, and Washington. And, far too may are buying those priorities.

Everyday I grow sadder and sadder for the futures of my children and grand children. Never more that in the past week. Thousands of hours of air time given to a junkie who slept with other people’s children as an adult male. Dyed himself white, destoyed his nose, then himself. What a great example of a National hero.

Shame on America.

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